How my cat saved my life.

by Melissa Miller

To understand the connection that a human and a cat have you really have to own a cat.

That is the only way you can realize how intelligent cats are and that they do realize when something is wrong or out of place.

I had to explain that for you to understand what happened to me on Monday Jan 2, 2005.

It was a normal Monday morning just like any other. My boyfriend had gone to work an hour before, I was just crawling out of bed because I needed to use the washroom.

I felt fine when I walked out of my bedroom, I went to the kitchen and got my self a drink.

My 30 lb. cat came up to me and cried for some food, (even though he had lots in his bowl) But he is just a big baby. He is somewhat rare, since he is a male calico and he is also mostly black and white.

I had owned his mother and when I moved out of my parents house she had kittens a little while after, So I decided that I wanted to take in the two little furballs.

I started training them to be away from mom at about three weeks, of course I didn't take them from her for good till they were about 2 months old.

I have had Boots for almost 4 years now, and my younger cat Lou was only about a year old. He was lying on the couch but boots never left my side. He followed me into the washroom and when I got in there I started feeling dizzy.

I tried to go back into the living room to get the phone but I didn't make it out of the doorway before I fainted in the doorway.

black and white cat

I don't remember much about that day or for the 5 days after, since I was put in the hospital in I.C.U. and I was drifting in and out.

But I do remember how boots saved my life.

If it wasn't for him sticking by my side and licking my face and crying in my ear until I was awake enough to make it to the phone and call someone I might not be here today.

A bad lung infection from pneumonia that wasn't fully cleared up took me down.

He stayed by my side until someone showed up and took me to the hospital. and when I got out of the hospital 3 weeks later he never left my side for a whole week.

If I lay down on the floor for a tiny bit and closed my eyes he would head butt me to make sure I was O.K.

He is my guardian angel. I love him with all my heart and I know that he loves me. I truly believe that cats know a lot more than some people give them credit for. He is still very protective of me, and I am the same with him.

To know him is to love him. And so far he has won the heart of everyone he has met.

So there you have it, how my baby cat saved my life.

Star - Cat Story

Yes, cats do have an intelligence and a sense that often seems to alert them to what you are going to do before you know it yourself.

But Boots sounds an extra smart cat, it is rare to read of a cat that saves a life.

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