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Cat sleeping too much

Why Is My Cat Sleeping During The Day?

Cats are not exactly nocturnal, they are crepuscular, which means that they are most active at dusk and dawn and may also be active when the moon is bright.

This habit goes back to the wilds. Their prey was out and about at twilight.

Another reason cats learned to hunt at dusk and dawn, may have been because at those times of the day they avoided the worst glare of the sun, but they still had enough light to hunt.

But many cats are sleepy during the day and lively during the night, just when you are trying to get your shuteye.

If this is your problem, see this page - Cat Awake.

Cat Sleeping Lightly - Good For Survival

Back when cats were out in the wild they had many predators, danger was always lurking. Cats could not risk long deep slumbers.

Cat naps were the answer.

Today cats still sleep lightly for most of the time, in fact only about 25% of their sleep is deep sleep. Their instincts still tell them to be able to awaken in a micro-second, even though they live in the relative safety of the homes that we provide for them.

 sleeping cat
So peacefully sleeping. Hey, that's a cat's job right? They can slumber all day long while you do all the work.

It is not only the danger from larger animals that caused cats to develop the habit of light sleep.

If prey happened to pass by, the cat could be awake and alert at the slightest sound and therefore not miss out on a tasty meal.

You can often observe a cat-napping feline's ears twitch if you make a small sound.

The cat does not awaken from the snooze but hears the sound, the cat's brain decides the noise is nether danger nor prey, so no need to spring into action.

Cat Sleeping With Eyes Open

Yes you will sometimes see a cat sleeping with their eyes wide open. More usually though a cat will sleep with eyes open just a slit, or one eye open just a little.

Again, this is a self preservation trait.

Lightly snoozing with one eye open enables them to react fast if danger approaches.

Cats spend about 25% of the time that they are asleep in deep, rapid eye movement level of sleep. This is when they do their dreaming. However they remain in that state for only a few minutes at a time, soon returning to light, wake up in an instant, napping.

Kittens Sleeping

Young kittens will sleep and sleep. They do other things of course, like feed and look cute, but they need their rest so they can grow into big, strong cats. (Newborn Kittens.)

As time passes the growing kittens sleeping patterns change to those of adult cats.

Is My Cat Sleeping Too Much?

Varying amounts of hours are quoted as being normal for a cat to spend sleeping. You can find statements that say cats sleep for 10 hours, 12 hours, 17 hours or longer. But really there is no normal.

kitten sleepingKitten slumbering. Kittens need plenty of sleep, more than an adult cat.

Cats are all different and their circumstances are different.

Some cats are naturally more sleepy than others.

Senior Cats are likely to take more cat naps and we all know how much of the day young kittens like to spend snoozing.

Whether the feline is Indoor Only or Allowed Outdoors makes a difference.

A cat that is predominately outside or allowed to come and go through the pet door will have a lot to stimulate them.

There is territory to defend, birds to chase, the neighborhood cats to check out, flower beds to dig in and, for tom cats especially, certain interests to pursue.

Outside there is a lot to stop a cat sleeping.

Indoor only cats are likely to spend more time napping. A cat in a home that is busy with human activity all day will likely not get as much shuteye as one in a quieter home.

Likewise a kitty that shares their home with other cats, or other pets, is likely to be awake and active, interacting with the other animals for at least some of the time.

A feline that is indoors alone all day while the humans are at work will slumber longer, possibly most of the time the humans are gone.

cat sleeping

The weather too will have an effect on how long kitty spends sleeping.

On cold days cats are inclined to find a nice comfy warm spot to curl up in, (and who can blame them!) Summer days, on the other hand, mean cats will find a sunny spot to bask in and push out a few z's.

So, when it comes to how much a cat sleeps there is no normal, except that it is normal for cats to sleep a lot!

Perhaps a better question than “ Is my cat sleeping too much?” might be, “Is my cat getting enough exercise?”

A cat that does nothing but snooze might easily become overweight. Encourage your feline friend to be a little active with a gentle Play Session each day. 

Introducing A New Cat Into Your Home.
Introducing a new cat to your existing cat need to be done the correct way. The introduction has to be made gradually and carefully for there to be the best chance of harmony.

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