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The Cat Supplies That Will Help Keep Your Cat Healthy, Fit And Happy.

Cats are sometimes described as low maintenance pets.

They may not need maintaining as much as some other pets but you sure as heck cannot just get them and forget them.

They need and deserve love and care, give them those two things and they give you so much in return.

cat grooming itself

Cats need feeding of course, and although it may sometimes seem like your cat eats his or her own weight every day, the reality is that it is no great expense to keep your cat on a healthy diet.

Cat litter is another consumable that every cat lover has to purchase regularly.

Even the best cared for and healthy felines will likely need the attention of a veterinarian, or need medication at some point in their life.

Apart from those few things there is little in the way of cat supplies that is absolutely essential. There are supplies and equipment that can help keep your cat a happy cat and that may be as almost as important as keeping your cat healthy.

Likewise, there are products that can help make caring for your cat that little bit easier and give you more quality fun time with your pet.

Here are a few cat supplies and accessories suggestions; we hope you find them useful.

Cat Climbing Trees

All cats delight in climbing and perching themselves up high where they have a vantage point on the world.

Climbing is a natural ability for a cat, back when they were in the wild cats clambered up trees to escape from their enemies, and to perch themselves on a branch to leap down with deadly accuracy on their prey.

A domestic cat outside the home has the chance to satisfy his or her climbing impulses but what can an indoor cat do? They can and often do, climb your drapes and all over your furniture.

That may be somewhat satisfying for your cat, but is not likely to make you happy.

How much better it is if your cat has their very own cat tree. Somewhere they can climb to their heart’s content and you won’t fret one bit.

Many cat trees are so much more than a place to climb, they have tunnels, hiding places, perches, hanging toys and often a place for your cat to harmlessly scratch.

More information at this page - Cat Climbing Trees

Electronic Cat Doors

Your cat wants to go outside so you obligingly let her out. Before you know it she wants to be back indoors again, sooo you let her in, then what . . . of course, she decides she must be outside!

In this way your own cat can drive you nuts.

One answer is a pet door, your cat is able to come and go as she pleases. Pet doors can work very well; unfortunately they can also have their own set of problems. Electronic cat doors may be a better solution in some cases.

Find out if this is the answer for you and your in and out cat. - Electronic Cat Doors

Feliway Diffuser

Is your cat displaying possible signs of stress?

Is your cat being unruly, acting aggressively, over-grooming or perhaps refusing to interact with you?

This sort of behavior could be for a number of reasons; one of the reasons could be stress.

There are many things that can cause a cat stress and until the cause of the anxiety is identified and tackled, the unwanted behavior is likely to continue.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was something that could calm your cat down? Something that helps to modify her behavior until you can eliminate the cause of her stress, if it is stress that is the problem.

Unfortunately there isn’t anything that is guaranteed to do that. There is Feliway however, although not everyone reports success, many people find its use does help.

If your cat is acting stressed, you may want to find out more - Feliway Diffuser

Cat ID Tags

Most of us know that some kind of identification is pretty much essential for cats that are allowed outside the home. An ID tag lets anyone finding a missing cat know who to contact, it makes the chances of human and cat being happily reunited very much greater.

What about those of us who keep our cats indoors? Do we think that ID tags are necessary? No matter how careful you are, indoor cats frequently do make a break for the outside world. All it takes is a door or window left open just for a second and . . . Cat ID Tags

You may want to check out these Fancy Cat Collars.

Cat Urine Odor Removal

Sometimes cats have little accidents, even cats that have had no problems at all for years with using the litter box. It might happen when they are sick or perhaps when they are upset.

For whatever reason the accident happened, you have the job of taking care of that little puddle of cat urine.

Simple enough just mop it or wipe it up, right? Unfortunately not, even using a household cleaner will likely mean that you are left with a stain and the awful lingering odor of your cat’s urine.

And that’s not all; if your cat urinates in a spot just once it is more than likely she or he will keep peeing there if she can smell the urine odor. All traces of the odor must be eliminated and ordinary cleaners that you keep at home for your everyday cleaning simply can’t do that.

Find out about the cat supplies you can use to beat the problem - Cat Urine Odor Removal

Cat Scratching Posts

A range of scratching posts are available, because not all cats like to scratch in the same way.

Some like to scratch vertically and some like to scratch horizontally. Your cat is far more likely to use the post if it's the kind that she prefers. Cat Scratching Posts

Interactive Cat Toys

To be at a healthy weight cats need to control their calorie intake and ensure they get enough exercise. Pretty much the same way humans stay fit and healthy.

One way to make sure that your cat gets the exercise that is so important for her is through interactive play. Playing that involves moving, jumping, stretching, chasing or running not only makes for a fit and healthy cat, but a happy one too!

Toys that are designed to stimulate a physical reaction, such as a wand and lure that encourages chasing can do your cat the world of good – plus they are great fun for you.

There are also some interactive cat toys that encourage movement that a cat can happily play with on her own. More information here - Interactive Cat Toys

Kitten Toys

Do kittens need toys? Oh yes! Especially after they have been separated from their litter-mates, they still need play to encourage their development, to give them exercise and to help them bond with you. Playing is vital for kittens and toys can be a great aid.

Are kitten toys different from cat toys? Often kittens will enjoy playing with exactly the same toys that cats play with; however small kittens will probably appreciate smaller, softer toys. Kitten Toys

Catnip and Catnip Toys

Catnip is the drug of choice for cats.  It gives them a real high and they become more playful.  It is perfectly safe for cats and your cat will love you when you combine this plant with a fantastic toy.  Most of these toys are refillable with new catnip unlike those little catnip mice you can buy in the pet section at the grocery store that have already lost their catnip umph before you even open them. Catnip . . .

Cat Beds

Cats do not usually have any problem sleeping, they are experts at it.

Cats always seem to find somewhere to snooze, on the couch, on an armchair, on top of the laundry or on your bed.

If you rather your cat had her own special comfortable place to sleep, consider getting her a cat bed. It may save you some time clearing her hairs from your furniture.

There are a wide variety of cat beds, heated cushions and sleeping perches available in a size to suit your cat. - Cat Beds

Cat Carriers

There will be times, perhaps many times that your cat needs to travel. She may need to go to the veterinarians, or to the salon to be groomed, or she may need to go on a trip with you.

It is vital that you have a safe and comfortable means of transporting your cat; it can mean a great deal of difference for both of you.

Making a trip can cause cats a lot of fear and anxiety, but you can help to keep your cat as calm and relaxed as possible by preparing her for the trip, and by choosing a cat carrier most suited to her needs.

That small carrier that you brought her home in when she was a tiny kitten may not cut it anymore.

Find out all you need to know about Cat Carriers

Cat Litter Boxes

The choice of a litter box is really up to the cat, if there is something about the box that the cat doesn’t like then they won’t use it! Oh dear. Things like the color won’t matter a dot to the cat of course, but the size may matter a lot.

A kitten will find a small shallow tray easiest to use, she or he can climb in and out with no difficulty.

A full grown cat needs a larger box with plenty of room to move around and position themselves. An older cat that is not as agile as they once were, will probably appreciate a large tray with a lower entrance.

Some cats like the privacy a covered litter box gives them; others find covered boxes claustrophobic and will not use them. It’s the same with automatic litter boxes, cats either love them or they don’t.

Read more here - Cat Litter Boxes to Suit Your Cat.

One of the frustrating things about litter boxes is that your kitty will track cat litter outside of the box and around the room.  It sticks to kitty's feet and comes off when he walks across the floor.  You will find that you are constantly sweeping or vacuuming it up. 

One way to cut down on this is to use a kitty litter mat outside of the box so that it is the first thing your cat steps on.  The litter mat is constructed to catch the litter.

Read more here - Cat Litter Mats

Cat Fountains

Many cats prefer to drink from a cat fountain rather than from a bowl. Movement through the fountain aerates the water, breaking the surface tension and drawing in oxygen. This can make the water more pleasant and refreshing.

Water is of course, essential for a cat’s health. A cat that does not drink enough risks becoming dehydrated and developing many illnesses.

Want to find out more? Cat Fountains

Outdoor Cat Enclosures

It’s a decision that every cat person has to make and it’s not an easy one. Do you keep your cat safely indoors all the time, or do you allow them free access to the outside world?

A cat inside the home is kept safe from many dangers. There is the danger from traffic, no doubt about it; roads are hazardous for our little feline friends.

There is the danger from other animals, wild and domestic, also let’s not forget the danger from the human animal.

Along with these dangers is the fact that cats sometimes wander and get lost.

With those things in mind who could blame anyone for keeping their cat indoors.

Other cat people, while accepting there are hazards out there, believe that a cat needs to enjoy the freedom of the outside world. They say they their cats are happier sampling the fresh air and sunshine, exploring where cats explore and interacting with other cats. They also believe an outside cat is less likely to become bored.

Is there a way that your cat can remain an indoor cat and have the opportunity to safely sample the fresh air? Here are two possibilities - Outdoor Cat Enclosures and Cat Fence

Cat Tunnels

Cats can get so much fun from a cat tunnel, scampering through and leaping out of the other end or hiding in the middle of it.

If you have more than one cat they will delight in chasing and ambushing each other from the tunnel, and playing “I’m the king of the tunnel.” Great exercise.

You can join in the fun, roll a toy along the tunnel for your cat, play peek-a-boo with her or encourage her through with a healthy treat. - Cat Tunnels

Premium Cat Food

Some cat supplies need to be bought frequently and regularly, such as cat food. What do you feed your cat? While we have all got to keep a close watch on the pennies, buying cheaper brands of cat food may be a false economy.

Premium cat food is often more densely packed with nutrients than is regular cat food; this means that your cat can often be satisfied with a smaller serving. Your cat will find these smaller servings easier to digest, and will be less likely to put on excess weight.

Discover other ways that Premium Cat Food could benefit your cat.

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