A Cat Tunnel - Fun For Your Cat

Cat in Cat Tunnel

Playing In The Cat Tunnel

Oh what fun they have. Chase and tear through at warp speed, or hiding out in the middle of their own little domain.

There is no doubt about it, a kitty tunnel can be a tube of delight for your feline friends.

If you have more than one cat, then hide and pounce games are going to be very popular indeed.

One cat hides in the end of a tunnel and waits, another cat passes by and . . .

. . . it's an ambush!

Be warned though, it's not only feline passers by that get ambushed, humans do too!

And when your kitties have tired themselves out with all that frolicking fun, the tunnel is an excellent place for a catnap.

Is A Cat Tunnel Right For Your Cat?

Some cats take to these tunnels like a shot, they need no encouragement whatsoever to start playing in them. All you have to do is set the tunnel up, place it on the floor and the cat is inside investigating her new play and hiding place.

Not all cats are the same though.

Some may need a little time and coaxing before they accept that the strange new object is theirs for playing with as they please. After all, cats generally do not like change and the sudden appearance of this large tube may give puzzlement and concern.

cat playing in tunnel

If this is the case try a little persuading, maybe toss one of her favorite toys, or a couple of healthy treats, into the cat tunnel and see if she goes after the bait.

It is best not to spend too long trying to coax your cat to use her play tunnel.

If after a while she is still shy of it, just leave it out for her to investigate in her own time. Likely she will sniff around it a bit and then start enjoying her new play furniture.

If she hasn't taken to it after a few hours, fold it up and hide it away, bring it out again the next day.

One thing that might put a cat off. These cat play tunnels are very light because of the way they are constructed to be collapsible for easy storage. Add the fact that they are tubular and you have something that rolls at the touch of a paw.

Some cats might not like that, particularly when they are just trying it out.

You may find that it helps to wedge the tunnel, without squashing it, between two items of furniture at one end, just until your cats are used to it.

Crinkle Cat Tunnels

Will your cat be fascinated by a crinkle cat tunnel? Many cats just can't get enough of the crinkle, crackle, rustling sound of the material that some tunnels are made from.

Not all cats like crinkly tunnels, but those that do take great delight in marching up and down inside, or jumping on top, just for the amusing crackle sound each paw step and pounce brings.

Outside Fun Too

Not just for indoor fun. There are outdoor quality cat play tunnels that are designed for your kitties to enjoy out in the fresh air.

These are not the tunnel shaped outdoor cat enclosures, that are enclosed at each end and made to give strictly indoor cats some time outside. These are just like the regular play tunnels but are manufactured from materials that are a little tougher and can withstand being outside.

A Cat Tunnel Can Be Fun For You Too!

A tunnel can be a beneficial item of play equipment for a cat. Plenty of exercise can be had by running through and springing out of the other end.

Of course you can leave your cat to play happily with the tunnel while you relax or get on with chores. But you can also join in and enjoy playing with your cat and her tunnel.

Play peek-a-boo with her, crouch at one end and encourage her through. Roll one of her favorite toys along the kitty tunnel.

Both you and your pet will enjoy the interaction and playing together increases the bond between you.

The great thing about these items of cat play equipment, is that many of them are made around a spring frame and collapse right down flat for easy storage.

They take up very little space when not in use. Some even come with their own storage bag.

Of course you can leave the tunnel out all the time, but where space is restricted, it is no problem to bring it out from storage, set it up and stow it away again after your cat's play session. If the cat tunnel is not permanently available for your cat, it means renewed interest and excitement for her when it is.

You will want to check on the diameter of the tunnel before you place your order. Some are a little narrow and really only suitable for kittens and very small cats.

Many of these kitty tunnels are made so that two, or more can be joined to make a long super tunnel. Connector T pieces can be bought to make up an intricate system of tubes, careful your cats don't get lost in there!

Some tunnels have 'window' holes for your cats to peep out, or use as an additional exit, others you can bend around into a U shape.

The tubes are available in a wide choice of colors, stripes, spots, leopard skin print and multicolored, not that your cat will care, to a kitty a cat tunnel is just fun, fun, fun.

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