Cat Urine Problems

You Can Overcome Cat Urine Problems.

Pheeeeew! We all know the strong smell of cat urine, it is rather unmistakable. When a cat that normally uses the litter box starts urinating around the home it can drive you absolutely mad.

Cat urine stinks and stains. It can make you think that your feline friend has suddenly become your feline enemy, that your cat is peeing where she should not pee simply to give you problems.

This will not be the case, a cat urinating inappropriately is a sure sign that something is wrong.

Location Of The Litter Box and Cat Urine Problems

Location, location, location. Where you place the litter box is important, it can make a heck of a difference as to whether your cat chooses to use it or not.

 peeping cat
Cat Urine Problems. ”No not me, it must have been some other cat that did that. I only pee in my litter box.”

Many cats will reject a litter box placed in a busy area of your home, people walking by all the time and making too much noise.

Some cats like a little privacy if they are going to use the box and not have little accidents around the home.

Most cats will not use a box that is located too close to their food and water, this is understandable.

If the litter tray is upstairs and your cat spends most of his or her time downstairs then kitty may not make it upstairs in time to use the box.

It is worth the time to establish the best place to site your cat's tray.

If you have more than one cat you will certainly need a box for each, few cats like urinating or defecating in a litter box that is used by another cat, and you may find you need to have one more box than you have cats.

Needless to say, cats do not like dirty litter trays. If the box is not cleaned thoroughly and regularly it is an invitation for cat urine problems.

Sometimes a litter box will just get too old.

Most boxes are made from one sort of plastic or another and over time will absorb smells, especially the odor of your cat’s urine.

In this case it does not matter how meticulous you are at keeping the box clean you cat will still smell the old odors and be repelled by them.

If your little pet suddenly starts peeing where she should not after happily using a litter box for years, the reason could be simply that the box has passed its smell by date.

The type of litter you fill the box with will play a big part in whether or not your cat will use it.

Most cats seem to prefer unscented litter over scented.

Scented litter is manufactured to pander to the preferences of humans but it is the cat that has to use the box. Of course it could be that your kitty will be perfectly happy urinating in scented litter.

Coarse or fine texture? Clumping or non-clumping? Whatever makes your cat a happy bunny.

If your cat is peeing in the litter-box with no problems then it is best to continue with the type and brand of litter that she is used to.

Just because the store has a special on a different litter is perhaps not a good reason to change.

Usually cats prefer a shallow filled tray rather than one filled too deeply. Cats appreciate their litter changed frequently.

Could the reason for your cat urine problems be medical?

If your cat is suffering from a urinary tract infection this can make passing of urine very painful. Often cats will associate this pain with the litter box and so stop using it.

There are several medical conditions that may cause your cat to urinate around the home.

Sometimes a cat will look perfectly healthy when in fact they are unwell and only a visit to your veterinarian will ascertain if the causes of your cat urine problems are medical.

Cat Spraying Urine

There is a clear difference between cat urine problems caused by your cat urinating outside of the litter box and spraying. Spraying urine is a way cats mark out their territory.

Your cat will back up to a vertical object that he or she wants to mark which could be a wall, your sofa, your drapes etc. The tail will be held up high, and will usually be quivering, the cat will often tread the ground with his paws.

He will then spray a fine stream of foul smelling urine at just the right height for any other cat to smell it.

For information and advice about spraying problems please see this page - Why Is My Cat Spraying Urine Indoors?

Older Cats and Peeing Problems

Cats live longer these days, and many cats stay young and kitten like for many years and that’s good news. But eventually all cats age and sometimes aging brings problems, including cat urine problems that are particular to older cats.

orange and white cat

Increased use of the litter tray may be a sign of an elderly cat health issue.

Kidney failure or diabetes often increases the amount of urine that a cat produces, and because of the increased odor your cat may seek out other places to relieve herself.

Read more here - Older Cat Health.

Stress and Cat Urine Problems

If your veterinarian has determined that the cause of your cat urinating outside the litter box is not a medical problem then the cause may be stress.

head of tabby catPunishment will not help. Cats do not deliberately pee where they should not.

Cats can get stressed for a variety of reasons.

Most of the reasons for stress in cats are associated with change, felines are creatures of habit and they simply do not like changes to their routine.

Cats are, for the most part, creatures of habit, they love and understand routine. A change, however small and seemingly inconsequential, may be enough to trigger stress.

More information here - Reasons That Cats Get Stressed.

Cat Urine Problems – Cleaning It Up

Cleaning cat urine can be a problem but by following some simple steps you can successfully get rid of stains and remove the horrible smell of cat urine.

Where your cat urinates obviously makes a difference.

Removing cat urine odors and stains from ceramic surfaces or vinyl flooring is far easier than cleaning cat pee from carpets, wooden flooring, clothing or furniture.

The trouble with many household cleaners is that they are ammonia based and will only encourage the cat to tinkle there again.

Cleaners that are heavily scented and merely mask the odor don’t work either, they may mask the smell for you but your cat will still smell it.

When your cat urinates on your clothes it could be a sign that she is stressed. The odor of her urine and your body scent mingled to together have a calming effect on her.

Kitty stains on wooden floors can be one of the most difficult cat urine problems to solve. You may have success with Urine Off Odor and Stain Remover for Cats, 1 Gallon but you may need to treat the area more than once and even sand and varnish once treatment is complete.

When your cat pees on the carpet most of the pee will soak through to the padding (or carpet backing.) You need to clean right down into the backing otherwise the odor will remain and your cat will be back urinating on the same spot.

Use an enzyme or organic based cat urine cleaner that also neutralizes odor.

Let the solution soak in then dab on more solution until you are sure the area is thoroughly soaked. Mop up any excess and lay thick towels or diapers over the area, weigh down the towels (perhaps with a pile of books) and leave overnight.

Personal Recommendation

This product saved the carpets in my new house many years ago.  At the time I moved in I had two kitties, one was elderly.  I came home from work one day to find that Sneakers had thrown up once in the dining room, twice in the family room, and once in the hallway upstairs. 

I was mortified.  I must confess that my first thoughts were about my brand new carpets and not the health of my beloved cat. (That changed though and I got her to the vet the very next day.)

I went to the closest store that I thought might have carpet cleaner for pet stains.  It was one of those big warehouse type builder stores.  I searched the isles in the house cleaning section and I found one can of carpet cleaner. That's all they had!  Being short on time I bought it.

That was 20 years ago and I've been buying it ever since. I now live in England and I buy it here, too.  It is the best cat urine, dog urine, pet vomit stains, people vomit stains, all around any kind of stain, carpet cleaner I have ever used.

OK, you say what is it?  It is called Spot Shot and it comes in both aerosol cans and spray bottles.  I have only used the aerosol can stuff but I am sure both kinds are good.

Spot Shot Aerosol Instant Carpet Stain Remover

Never punish your cat no matter what cat urine problems she gives you. Punishment will not help and is unfair to your cat. Cats do not deliberately urinate where they should not.

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