Cat Video

Do you enjoy an amusing cat video?

Cats are fascinating creatures, they can hold us spellbound. What fun it is to watch their antics and how they handle different situations, of course watching our own cats is best but it is fun to watch other kitties too!

Here is a small selection of videos of cats – enjoy!

I hear you knocking but you can't come in! Cat learns to use door knocker. A very funny cat video.

Talking Cats Video

Who says cat can’t talk. This very funny video proves that felines can talk in English, the evidence is in front of your eyes and ears – or is it? Be amazed as cats quote Shakespeare, well not quite.

If you are a cat and you need some conversation you can always chat to a moth. Well, not chat exactly but chatter.

Cat Eats With Fork!

A cat who sits at the table and eats with a fork! But that ain't all – if noodles are on the menu chopsticks are used!

Cat and Racing Cars Video

This cat is fast, fast, fast. Watch the video and see the cat out race high powered racing cars. Is this a spoof or a real advertisement? Either way it is a very funny video.

Warning – video contains scenes of cat mauling pit stop attendants!

Cat Plays Piano Video

Can your cat tickle the ivories? Does your tabby rock the keyboard like Jerry Lee Lewis, does your kitty lay down a tune on the grand piano like Elton John? If not it’s time you enrolled your cat for piano lessons as this video shows.

Thanks must be given to and to the makers of the videos for allowing their use.

Here’s hoping that you found the videos enjoyable.

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