Cat Water Fountain

A Cat Water Fountain is a Great Way to Encourage Your Cat to Drink Enough Water.

A surprising number of cats love to drink from a faucet (tap). These cats prefer running water to water that has been left out in a bowl all day.

You know how stale water tastes when it has been left in a glass, it's the same for cats, they like their water fresh too!

Movement breaks the surface tension of water and draws in health giving oxygen.

This is known as aeration and it makes water far more attractive to drink than static water.

And this why some cats love drinking from a cat water fountain.

Health Giving Water

Cats need water, it is vital for their health.

Cats that do not drink enough water not only run the risk of dehydration but also urinary tract disease.

Cats with kidney problems or urinary tract disease have an even greater need for water to support their kidney function.

How much water should your cat drink each day?

That mostly depends on the particular cat.

Drinkwell Platinum Pet Fountain

A cat fed on dry food will need more drinking water than a cat fed on canned food as canned food contains a fair percentage of water.

Elderly felines will likely drink more than younger cats.

Compared with some animals, cats do not drink a lot but they do need to drink what they need in order to survive.

Cats can keep going for quite a time without food but losing as little as 10% of their total body water can prove fatal for them.

Conversely, a cat that drinks too much water could be suffering from diabetes and should be checked by a vet.

So how do you offer your cat fresh running water without leaving the faucet trickling? The answer is to treat your feline to a cat water fountain.

Will a cat that shows no interest in a running faucet drink from a cat fountain? Most likely yes.

Cats find the sight and sound of running water fascinating so many are more attracted to a cat water fountain than they are to a plain water dish.

Some owners that have tried out drinking fountains for their pet report that the sound of the pump puts their pet off drinking.

Usually the reason for noisy operation is because the fountain was not filled correctly. Following the manufacturer’s instructions should mean the cat drinking fountain will work quietly and effectively.

Most cat fountains work by re-circulating a quantity of water to provide a gently flowing stream for your cat to drink from.

As the water is recycled it is exposed to oxygen to make it fresh-tasting and cool.

With the ‘Catit’ drinking fountain the water falls onto a dome and spreads out, this means that several cats can drink from it at the same time.

There are cat drinking fountains available with a range of reservoir sizes.

If you leave your cat all day you should ensure that the model you choose holds sufficient water. If you have many cats you will need a larger (or more than one) cat fountain. With some fountains additional add-on reservoirs are available to increase capacity.

Cat fountains need cleaning of course, just as plain water bowls do.

Most models have filters to catch cat hair and other particles before they enter the pump, but you still need to clean the fountain regularly to keep it hygienic. Most are dishwasher safe. 

A cat water fountain is a great way to offer your cat cool oxygenated water with all the health benefits.

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