Cats and Halloween - Keep Your Cat Safe This Halloween Holiday

Cats and Halloween Safety

Celebrating Halloween can be a blast for humans, especially kids, but may not be too much fun for cats.

This time of year with jack o' lanterns, witch's costumes, ghosts, ghouls and trick-or-treats can be upsetting, frightening, dangerous and even deadly for your much loved pet cat.

Here are some tips to follow for your cat's safety and protection during the Halloween holiday.

Halloween and Black Cats

Black cats are particularly at risk around the night of Halloween. Unfortunately there are sadistic people around who think it clever or cool to harm, torture or even kill cats, particularly cats that are black.

It makes no sense to hype up the problem, it doesn't happen often but there is a danger.

Real witches (Wiccans) would not harm cats, many are cat owners themselves.

So what can you do to keep your cat safe from these cruel twisted people? Keep your pet, black cat or not, safely indoors on the days leading up to Halloween.

A cat out on the street at this time is not only at risk of being abducted, but also at risk of being scared and panicked by children wearing strange costumes, who may shout at your cat without meaning it real harm.

black cat

Halloween Candy and Cats

Halloween candy is designed to rot the teeth of humans not the teeth of your cat. But there are other dangers in feeding your cat Halloween treats, please remember that chocolate can be poisonous for cats.

Other candy treats can contain plastic sticks (lollipops) that can be harmful, even deadly, if swallowed by your cat.

Cellophane and foil wrappers also are potential hazards that could get gulped down along with the Halloween candy.

Keep all the candy in a sealed container well out of the reach of your cats. Make sure that your guests, particularly children, know not to tempt your cat with candy.

If you worry that your cat may feel left out of sharing the Halloween goodies, why not have supplies of healthy and safe cat treats to hand.

Jack o' Lantern Safety

The house lights dimmed and an eerie glow from a spooky face crudely carved into a pumpkin.

Nothing sets the mood for Halloween better than a jack o' lantern. But please be careful where cats are concerned, don't leave your pet alone in a room with a lighted candle, it could be knocked over too easily by a curious cat.

Not only could your cat get seriously burnt but a house fire would ruin more than just your Halloween holiday fun.

Halloween Costumes Not Cool For Cats

Dressing up your cat, or kitten, in a Halloween costume may amuse you but it is unlikely that the animal will enjoy it.

If you must dress your cat in a costume please make sure that it is safe, it doesn't constrict your cat's movement in any way, doesn't hamper vision or restrict breathing and is fireproof.

There should be no small accessories that your pet could possibly chew off, swallow and choke upon.

Cats and Halloween Safety and Strangers

You may want to keep your cat in a room away from your front door when folks come trick or treating.

halloween cat

An unusual amount of strangers, especially strangers in Halloween costume, could scare your cat into bolting outside.

The coming and going of people and the general hubbub of the evening can over excite pets and cause them stress related tummy trouble.

Your cat may appreciate a quite room to chill out in and avoid Halloween strangers. Take a few moments out of your partying to visit your cat in her sanctuary to give her reassurance and check that she is OK. 

Microchiping and an ID tag are a good idea for anytime of course, but Halloween parties with all the excitement can mean more chance that your cat will bolt. 

Cats And Halloween Safety.

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