Your Crying Cat: Cat Crying to Get Attention

Is your crying cat driving you nuts?

Some cats, like the Maine Coon or Abyssinian, are very quiet and rarely do you hear a peep out of them.

Other cats, such as Siamese are well known for making their voices heard.

All cats will vocalize to some extent but when does normal meowing become excessive crying or howling?

Generally a howling, or wailing cat is trying to get attention.

But it may not be seeking 'make a fuss of me' or 'feed me now attention.'

Your cat's cries could be a signal that all is not well.

If your cat suddenly starts yowling when that is not normally his or her nature it could be because your pet is in pain and an immediate visit to the veterinarian would be the best thing.

There are many illnesses and diseases that can cause a cat pain such as diabetes, kidney disease, feline hyperthyroidism, urinary tract infections, arthritis and many others.

Your vet will be able to establish whether your cat's crying is due to illness or another cause.

An unspayed female cat could be howling because she is in heat and an unneutered male will wail and howl in his quest for a mate.

The answer is of course to get your feline fixed – there are many, many reasons why your cat should be fixed.

howling catIf you do not respond to an attention seeking cat right from kitten-hood howling will likely not become a problem.

When cats get older their hearing often fails. An elderly cat may howl or meow loudly simply because she can't hear herself. Also, some older cats suffer from feline dementia.

An increase in vocalization from an older cat, who was quiet when younger, could be a symptom of mental deterioration.

Crying Cat Gets Attention

What if your crying cat is not ill and the excessive vocalization is purely to get your attention?

If your cat howls or cries to get attention then you, or someone, has trained her to do that.

It is difficult not to pet or cuddle your cat when she is making that noise, but the trouble is that cats are intelligent creatures and they soon learn which behavior gets them the attention they seek.

By nature cats are night time hunters. They are not truly nocturnal but do spend a good bit of the daytime lightly sleeping, this means that they are often wide awake in the midnight hour.

With all the humans in the house asleep, cats can become bored and lonely and crave attention. Read about cat's crying and howling at night at this page – Cat Awake.

It is best not to respond to an attention seeking crying cat right from kitten hood and howling will likely not become a problem.

What if the pattern is already established, is it possible to break your cat's crying habit? Yes your cat's behavior can be changed but it won’t be quick and easy, it will need plenty of patience and consistency on your part.

Don't Reward The Crying

A cat may cry to be let out of the house, or because she is hungry, begging for food or treats, because she want's a cuddle and a little fuss made of her, or because the litter box needs attention.

 crying cat
Give attention to your pet when she is not caterwauling and never when she is.

Do not reward your cat's attention seeking cries by giving her what she wants, unless it is something that really does need immediate action.

No matter how nuts the crying drives you, or how heartbreaking it is, don’t pay attention.

Leave the room or, if possible, put on some loud music. Learn to tell when your cat is about to start to wail and distract her attention, play with her using an interactive cat toy.

Only give attention to your pet when she is not caterwauling and never when she is. Be consistent, avoid giving your pet tough love one day and caving in to her demands the next.

Over time you should be able to reduce the attention seeking crying if not stop it altogether.

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