by Desiree A
(San Antonio)



Demon is my baby,and he is big boy. Well his story begins on a hot day, I was with my mom and we were just coming from a friend house and my mom wanted to past by her bothers home,to talk to a one of his friends that live there.

As they are talking I start to walk up and down the drive way. When I hear a kitten meowing,and I begin to fallow the sound till it leads me to a big black trash can,and I can hear a noise coming from it,so I pick up the lid and laying in there is a Baby black kitten,it was about 2 days old.

It was covered in rotten milk,and over heated,I scoop it out and rush back to my mom, she is as surprise as me to see this little thing,we say good by to her friend and rush home,were I bath the kitten and cool it down.

I find out that is boy,I begin to take care of him around the clock.WE name him after we found out his personalty,he was a bully and love to attack your legs,So we called him little demon,and it stuck.

Now Demon is 2 years old and every body that sees him falls in love with him.

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Nov 06, 2010
My Cat Little Devil.
by: Anonymous

We had a big ol' black cat like yours. We called him Little Devil, he was far from little but he sure could be a devil.

He could be loving too if he wanted. He would suddenly stop whatever bad stuff he was up to and come and bang you with his head. He was asking to be stroked. When he had enough of that he would go back to doing his bad stuff.

Jul 20, 2010
by: Champ's Mom

Demon is a darling. You are his guardian angel to rescue him from that awful garbage can. Good job! I have a loving buddy too. Champ is my big boy and a love kitten. He is 6yrs now but cats are unique just as your Demon is. I like black cats and yours is a super darling.

Jul 19, 2010
A fine example of a black cat.
by: Larry (Editor)

Hi Desiree,

"Now Demon is 2 years old and every body that sees him falls in love with him."

I can see why. Demon is a fine example of a black cat and I love that " don't mess with me" expression on his face.

How can someone toss a kitten into the trash. how can they be so heartless as to do that? Thank goodness that you heard the meowing and were able to rescue him. And now you have a fine black cat.

Oh yes, as lovable as they are, cats can be bullies :0)

Thank you very much for sharing Demon's story and photo with us.

Larry (Editor)

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