Dog and Cat Pictures

Dog and cat pictures! Hey, can they be together long enough to be in the same picture?

Of course they can. Not all cats and dogs get along together, but many people keep both a dog and a cat as a pet without any problems at all.

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Pictures of dogs and cats that will delight you. Handsome dogs and beautiful cats, crafty kitties and faithful hounds.

Dog and Cat Pictures

A read through the various online pet forums and it becomes clear that there are many of us who enjoy the company of both cats and dogs, and why not?

And contrary to what might be expected, the animals often get on very well together too!

A lady informs us that her Boxer dog and Tabby cat snuggle together on the sofa. Another post reports a Persian cat often hitches a ride on the back of a Labrador cross. Many pet owners write that they have a cat and a dog that share the same basket and there are many amusing posts about cats and dogs being taken for walks together.

All this does not imply that just any old cat and dog can be thrown together, some dog breeds are unlikely to put up with sharing their home with a cat. . . Cats and dogs the best of friends.  

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