Fancy Cat Collars - Adorn Your Feline

Why Fancy Cat Collars?

A plain and simple collar would work just as well as a fancy one, but would it do justice to your cat?

After all, isn't your feline friend the cat's whiskers and then some?

Adorn your purebred kitty or your mixed breed mouser with a snazzy designer cat collar.

Gemstone bejeweled all sparkling and glitzy. Embroidered with intricate patterning. Vibrantly reflective and spiked.

Which style of collar would suit your pet the best?

Does Your Cat Need to Wear a Collar?

If your cat prowls around the outside world then a collar and identification tag are pretty much essential.

Your cat may stay within her or his territory and not usually wander far from home.

But, things happen. Another animal could chase your cat away, or your pet could be spooked by a loud noise and end up away from home and lost.

fancy cat collar

A cat collar and ID makes it very easy for whoever finds your cat to get in contact with you.

Yes, it is best for your outdoor cat to wear a collar, it does not have to be a designer cat collar, a plain one will do, but your cat does need an identification tag.

A collar on a cat that likes the outside life can present a danger however.

Cats love to climb and investigate, this means there is a chance that the collar can get caught on a branch, or other protrusion, and can be a choking hazard for your cat.

For this reason it is best to fit your cat with a safety or breakaway cat collar.

Fancy Cat Collars For Indoor Cats?

If your cat is a stay at home kitty you may think that she or has no need of a collar, and no need for ID.

But please keep in mind that strictly indoor only cats have a habit of getting out.

The outside world looks fascinating to a cat, if your feline gets half a chance she will be outside to explore, and because she is not used to the big wide world she can easily get herself lost.

With no collar and ID how is your pet going to be returned to you if found?

Most certainly, cat collars and identification are a good idea for stay at home kitties too.

And as well as the important issue of identification, indoor cats love to show off their fancy swanky collars. Guests and visitors just might please indoor felines with their admiring remarks.

A collar and leash should not be used to walk a cat. For safety always use a leash and harness when walking your cat.

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