Fat Cat Pictures

There's something about fat cat pictures, people like them and they are always very popular, folks love those cuddly overweight kitties!

Cute tubby tabbies are appealing, jolly chubby felines for some reason invoke our sense of fun.

Of course the reality is that Overweight Cats are not Healthy.

Cats carrying excess weight run the risk of many health problems and are unable to enjoy life in the way that they should.

Cats should not be overfed.

Photographic representations of obese cats that are available commercially, are usually archive pictures taken many years ago.

This is because most people are thankfully now much better educated about the very real dangers of overfeeding animals.

Hopefully, nobody would deliberately make a cat fat just to get an amusing photograph.

Fat cat paintings are usually executed in a comical vein, from the vaguely whimsical all the way to the outright cartoonish.

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