The Fear of Cats

Ailurophobia - fear of cats.

Amazing that it is to the millions of us that adore cats there are folks that do not share our admiration of felines.

They are simply not cat people. Their preference of an animal as a pet may be a dog, rabbit, ferret or some other creature.

And then there are those that cannot tolerate even being near to a cat.

They may break out in a sweat at the sight of a cat, have difficulty breathing, and may even become hysterical.

They are afraid of cats.

This phobia of cats is not that uncommon. It may not get talked about that much but plenty of people suffer with it.

After all, people are likely to understand and sympathize if you are afraid of snakes. Snakes could be venomous.

Folks understand also the fear of large dogs, wild animals, rats and even understand being afraid of tiny mice.

But how many folks would understand if you have a fear of cats? After all mousers are generally inoffensive, if sometimes haughty and independent.

Cats are cute, cuddly, soft and like to be stroked (sometimes). They do not bark at you if you walk by their owner's house, they very rarely attack humans. What is there to be afraid of?

Cat Phobia

Often, those with a cat phobia can't tell you exactly what their fear of cats is.

orange tabby cat

The phobia may be deep seated and all that the sufferer knows is that they've been afraid of cats for as far as they can remember.

It may be they had a bad experience with a cat as a very young child.

Toddlers do not know how to pick a cat up or be gentle when petting a cat.

Sometimes too, toddlers will prod, poke or even hit a pet. When treated in this way, a cat may give a warning hiss, or worse a scratch.

An incident like that at an impressionable age may install a healthy respect for felines in many of us.

In others it could install a fear of felines that lasts long after the incident is forgotten.

Not all those that have cat phobia learned to be afraid in this way, parents sometimes transfer their own anxieties about cats on to their children.

Society too can take some of the blame. Although we are a long way from the middle ages when cats were thought to be witches familiars, there may be still be a trace of that way of thinking in the way cats are sometimes portrayed.

Cats are believed  to be lucky by some people and unlucky by others. At Halloween in particular, black cats are represented as animals to be feared, even as having an association with evil.

The vast majority of us take it as it is meant, just a bit of fun.

However with some people, all those bad images about felines might just sink into the subconscious and install in them a fear of cats.

They may not be anxious that any cat they meet will attack them, but have a vague feeling that cats are nefarious, an ill omen and best avoided.

So, if a friend stiffens and backs away when your sweet, innocent kitty prowls into the room, it may be more than a case of your friend not liking cats. She may be scared of them in the same way some people would be scared of being in the same room with a spider.

Can this fear of cats be overcome?

Most often it can with professional help.

pretty cat face
You may not think that anyone could be afraid of cats, but many people have a cat phobia.

Of course, the sufferer has to want to overcome the fear.

As a person could get through life without much close contact with cats there may not be a great incentive to seek help.

Also, just as the sufferer may be embarrassed to admit they have Ailurophobia, they may be embarrassed to seek help.

There are many different methods touted for tackling cat phobia.

Sometimes the phobia can be beaten with just a few sessions.

Always seek advice from a qualified professional. 

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Fear Of Cats

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