The Feline Rules

What Is This Cat Reading?

cat reading

This cat is lapping up the latest issue of The Feline Rules, the Free eZine for those of us who are simply crazy about cats.

Each issue has helpful and exclusive information about why cats, and kittens, behave the way they do.

Tips on caring for cats and making sure yours stays in top health.

News and stories from around the world of cats.

Informative and fun ( fun is important.)

Delivered straight to your inbox, and it’s free.

Why is it called The Feline Rules?

Well, although we humans like to think that we are in charge, deep down we understand that it’s the felines that rule.

But help is at hand. By subscribing to The Feline Rules eZine you will learn enough to redress the balance. Your relationship with your cat will be a happy partnership, and that’s just the way it should be.

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Do it now, before your cat does. You want to be the one reading all the good information and not your cat, like the kitty above.  smiley Did we mention it’s free?

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