Fidget Will Soon Be Moving!

by Teresa Borden
(Mokelumne Hill, California, USA)

Fidget in the Woodshed

Fidget in the Woodshed

Fidget in the Woodshed
Fidget in a box in my office
Fidget in the Christmas Box
Fidget Connecting with Mishka his dog buddy

Fidget Isn't Happy With Change!

I first posted here several years ago, when our cat, Fidget, was a tiny newcomer to our mountain home in Northern California. I agonized over whether or not to let him outside. You can see that original posting here: Outdoor? Indoor? Still Undecided

A couple of years later, I posted that he was a happy fellow being outdoors AND indoors, with his accessible kitty door so he could dash inside if he felt threatened. Here is that link: Fidget at Two Years Old.

NOW there is a new wrinkle in Mister Fidge's life: We are going to move from our home in the woods to a small town nearby.

Luckily, this change is taking place over a number of weeks, so it won't be a sudden thing.

However, I can already see that he is NOT HAPPY with the changes he can sense. Boxes half-packed on the floor; a sofa moved out and other furniture disarranged; frenzied activity in spurts by his people.

The Fidge is clingier than usual, meowing at closed doors and acting like a crazy kitten at times. He even 'acted out' last weekend when we were away overnight: Even though he hasn't used a litter box in several years, he dumped a basket of magazines out in the bathroom and pooped in them as if they were a litter box.

I am beginning to realize how true it is that CATS DO NOT LIKE CHANGE!

I read the section here about moving with a cat and am grateful for the advice about keeping him in a room in the new place for a while with litter box and toys and food (giving him lots of company and pets of course), and letting him out gradually to explore the new home.

I also like the advice about waiting for several weeks before letting him outside in the new home (though this may be torture for poor old Fidget.)

I worry that he may wander beyond the small back yard and get into scrapes with other cats or dogs, not to mention encounters with cars, even though it is a very tiny sleepy town.

So, we shall see how a 5 (or 6?) yr-old cat handles moving from the only home he knows. I'll keep you all posted. Meanwhile, I'll share some great recent pics of Fidget. He's such a beautiful guy.


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Congratulations :0)
by: Larry (editor)

Hi Teresa,

Congratulations to you and your family on your upcoming move.

Thank you so very much for the new photos of Fidget, he is still every bit a gorgeous cat, and your exciting news.

I'm sorry but I had to laugh when I read about Fidget pooping in the bathroom. :0) Well that showed you! How dare you mere humans change things around and prepare to move!

I'm sure he is going to be fine. A period of adjustment yes, but it doesn't sound like his environment will be changing too much. He may indeed want to stay close to his new home when you first try letting him out.

I hope that Molly the Beagle and Trina the Tripod are OK and that they take the move well too.

Thank you very much once again Teresa, and yes please do keep us posted as to how everything goes.

Larry (editor)

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