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All cats do funny things sometimes . . .

. . . just because they are cats! And sometimes we are lucky enough to capture our cats weird antics with our cameras. We get shots of or cats in the most hilarious poses or with really daft expressions on their faces.

 funny cat face
A funny kitten or cat picture can simply be a photo of your cat trying to look as cute as can be.

These crazy cat pictures often become our favorite cat photos.

We love to show them to our family and friends. And why not? It’s good to bring a smile to people’s faces, the world needs more laughter.

Well, here is your chance to share your amusing cat photos with more folks, many more folks.

Just below a special form has been set up to let you post your funny cat pics so that visitors to this site can enjoy them. Yes your cat can be famous! :-)

Well okay the worlds press probably won’t be chasing your kitty but your amusing cat pics can help to bring a smile to the world.

Vampire Cat
I love playing at being a big bad vampire.

Your funny kitten or cat picture can simply be a photo of your cat trying to look as cute as can be.

Don’t forget to tell us your cat’s name and anything else that you’d like us to know about your cat, the photograph and especially about yourself.

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We are extremely appreciative of you making the effort to submit your funny cat picture to us, and our visitors are appreciative too, they really enjoy submissions by others.

It would be nice if we could approve all submissions but unfortunately we do have to reject some. Why? Well, its not usually because the photo is not funny enough, remember your cat does not have to be doing something outrageously funny.

The most usual reason for not accepting a submission is because there is not much of a story with it. Our visitors do like to read something about the cats in the photographs, and something about their human too.

So if all you write is something like “ This is my cat doing something funny,” then sorry, your submission is not likely to be accepted. Please do write a little bit about your cat, tell us about the other funny things she does if you like, or about how much your cat brightens up your life.

Don’t feel you have to be a Shakespeare or even a Stephen King, just be you. About 300 words or so should do it. We look forward to approving your submission.

Share Your Funny Picture of Your Cat . . .

. . . and don’t forget to tell us a little something about yourself and your cat or cats. We would love to read about the cute, funny, weird and wacky things that your cat does.

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Wow look at you. You are so beautiful 
Cotton ball female and Q'tip male my two 7 week old kittens I call my 2 little angles, came from a tiger looking stray I name Tiger. On Mothers Day …

How did you get out there? - Pure Unadulterated Joy 
This is my cat Charlie and was taken from another window in a new house, he seems very puzzled how I got there and that we are both looking out of different …

Lady Miskena and attitude - Perfect for Halloween. 
This is cookie ...formally known as jingles, just starting to explore the garden caught him just at the right moment,you would think he had seen a ghost …

Gorgeous Tabby Cat - Marley Loves To Ride. 
I just had to upload a few photos of my tabby cat, isn’t he just adorable sitting on the fence as if is missing his hind legs? He often sits like that, …

Between the lines 
Our cat Lilo is a foundling who "strayed" into our lives earlier this year. She was about 8 weeks old, starving, wet, cold and loaded with fleas. After …

Suki's Finger - Always a Glass 
Yes, she's a real insensitive cat when it comes to insects or strangers :P Don't know where this finger came from but it looks like she's guarding it or …

Real Stuffed Toy 
I don't have any cats of my own but I love cats. About two days ago I went to my son's apartment to celebrate his birthday and this cat came to visit. …

Under My Spell - King Of The World. 
Shasta is a 9 yr old Maine coon. She is in front of the fireplace with her half sister Bella...

Jesse and Snowbrung and the Cats in a Box 
Jesse adopted Snowbrung as she can't have kittens of her own. When he is naughty she bites his ears!

I Will Get One Somehow - Take A Bit Longer 
Determined to get the bird.

Look Up In The Sky, It's Wooster . . . 
I have so many pictures of my cat that make me laugh, so I chose one at random. This was taken a few months back before he was fully grown, and he had …

My Cat Is Smoking - Hang In There. 
My Kitten, his name is tiger.. well he always steals my cigarettes and runs away with it in his mouth and I always try and get a picture of him doing , …

i'm Sure To Win The Cutest Kitten Contest. 
Rosie and Sam (still) hanging out the window. Er, hanging out BY the window ...

Siamese female she follows me around the house like a dog. I named her stupid because I found her in the snow when she was tiny I brought her home and …

Crazy Ariel Howling - On The Loveseat. 
This is my cat Ariel telling me how she feels about having a camera stuck in his face.

Ducky The Cat 
Ducky is 5yrs old she's a funny girl always going into bags and or boxes. Life's not boring with her around.

Why I never get my work done 
I'm a freelance copy editor and work at home using my laptop computer. However, three-year-old Joey has a thing for my keyboard. The photo says it all. …

Love, Love, Love 
hi i am Aliceson and this is lil one he's about to years old. unsure about what he is tho....but i rescued him from outside ....but we couldn't find a …

Spoiled Stewart Waiting Patiently For Fire. 
Our Tabby cat Stewart is 10 years old, our world revolves around him, he is like a kid to us, we do everything, so Stewart is happy and comfortable. …

Don't You Touch Smokie's Bud Light. 
Smokie likes to sit on top of anything new that we put on the counter.

Garfield needs to go on a diet 
When we got him, he was 35 pounds, now he has more skin than three cats...oh well!

Kirby the Wonderful and Mr Wiggles 
He has so much personality!

Bandit and Mr. Wiggles 
Here are my two very colourful pets who, lucky for me, love each other. Mr. Wiggles, the cat, is a Manx tabby and white with markings on his sides that …

Crazy Cats and Kittens 
his name is booger and he's a very special cat. he has 7 toes on both front paws and perfect 5 like on a human foot. Booger was born on valentines day …

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Mia the Manx Pixie Bob 
Well...this isn't my cat. (sad to say) There's a place called NOAH (Northwest Organization For Animal Help) in Stanwood, Washington. One day me & a …

Willow, Winkie, Tigi and Pals 
Photo submitted anonymously.

Pete the Singing Cat! 
This is Pete. Pete belongs to my brother and sister in law in Canberra. I took the snap of Pete with my Samsung digital camera when I was visiting …

Goofballs and What a Tongue. 
O Zee loves to stick his tongue out he now has both my other cats and fosters doing it to. They sit there like that for up to a half hour. You get the …

Love Is Grand But Three Is A Crowd. 
A quiet moment together

The Couch Potato and His Brother Otis. 
My daughter's cat Chester is one of a kind!

You Did What? Funny Cat Picture. 
This is Samson - right after I brought home the new addition to the family, Maxx - a 12 week rrat/cha puppy.

Not a Funny Cat Picture? - Can't We Just Get Along? 
This is Herbie. Herbie is the cat that will not be photographed. Bring out the camera and the darn cat is off. He knows what a camera is no matter the …

A cat who loves water 
Whenever a faucet is turned on, Mason comes a running to check things out!

Scaredy Cat - With An Identity Crisis. 
Daisy is a cat that thinks she is a dog. She wants you to rub her belly, greets people at the door and loves to drink from the toilet! She is loving …

Bluebell's Funny Cat Picture - Drinking Out Of A Tub. 
I happen to catch my cat Callie standing up peeping out the window..she does such funny things..she is such a pleasure!

Aviator Cat In a Pickle! 
My cat is constantly giving me lots of joy. She is friendly, lovable and a great companion. The photo I am submitting is just one of her many unusual …

Sunlight? One of Those Days, Cat A Tude 
Here is the story of how my kitty Zeus came to be mine. He was found inside a wall at Miami Airport when I lived in Florida by a construction worker friend. …

Felines and Me and Bedtime Satin 
Here is a photo of myself and one of the cats living where I was staying in Berlin last year. I always lift them and give them a hug. I have learnt …

Ginger - a special cat 
Ginger is a beautiful cat, lovely tempered but very much a loner - she is a street cat. Ginger has been seen all over town and everyone knows her and she …

Tiggy making a fool of me 
Tiggy had not been well, cystitis, and one day just before Christmas, I found her in the bathroom lying strangely, she seemed to be limping. It was near …

Baldy, Headlights an other Funny Cat Pictures. 
That's my cat, Coco, and I was trying to take a photo of him sitting at our dining table watching Mum wash it, but the flash made this happen =] …

Memorializing A Cat and The Royal Stairway 
Do we spoil our pets? Of course we do. When I got Good Morning Starshine (Starshine for short), on her first attempt to jump on the bed, she actually …

Wishbone, Suki and Wondering Away. 
Every time that I use my printer my cat Wishbone makes a Bee line to get to it to see where the paper is coming from. He has fallen into the printer several …

A lucky shot. This is pretty much what Weeka thinks of everybody... 
This is Weeka, 14-year-old black female feline residing in Ventura, California. Originally named Wicca, for all stereotypical black cat reasons. The evolution …

Little BeeBee King 
Unfortunately BeeBee isn't with us anymore. We lost him 6 years ago in October. We had his love, joy and happiness from the day he was born to a little …

Onyx is my rescue kitten. I found him in a box in a ditch back in Oct. The moment he was in my arms he started purring very loudly. It was love at first …

🐱 "Keep it moving lady,this tree is taken" 🎄🐾 Not rated yet
Hi,this is "Sassy", my 8yo daughters 4month old kitten. I was trying to decorate our Christmas tree tonight (11/20/16) and she came popping out as I was …

Mia Not rated yet
Mia want Wifi🙌

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Mia Not rated yet
Mia has an attitude! 🌻

Sit Ups Ain't So Easy Not rated yet
my lil boy trying his best jus like his sis. rubbed out the pair of them!!! xx Funny! by: skuitaress It just cracks me up when I see my cats …

Sleeping Alex - I had a long day Not rated yet
My crazy little Siamese Alex loves sitting on the cable & I was able to get a pic on one occasion when he was very, very tired Comments for Sleeping …

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