Funny Kitten Videos – Hilarious and Cute

Funny kitten videos perfect for cheering you up if life is getting you down. Kittens never fail to amuse, they are so cute that you can’t stop watching them as these videos prove.

One kitten and a toilet roll would guarantee hilarious results, but this funny kitten movie has not one, not two, not three, but four kittens and a complete mess!

Kittens and birds don't get on, everyone knows that. So what's going on in this kitten video? A kitten and a crow are the best of buddies. You would think that the kitten's natural instinct would be to attack the crow, instead she allows the crow to feed her and the two play together.

Kittens and a Box

How many kittens can be in a box at once? Only one if it is a small box but these kittens don’t know that. Very funny video.

Mirror mirror on the table who is the fairest kitten of them all? Funny kitten tries to catch her reflection in a glass table top. Cute and comic.

A kitten that is going to get his food come hell or high water. Not the recommended way to feed a kitty but makes a very amusing kitten video.

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