Ginger - a special cat

by Sheila Drewery

" pull the blinds up then"

Ginger is a beautiful cat, lovely tempered but very much a loner - she is a street cat. Ginger has been seen all over town and everyone knows her and she has many homes to visit.

I do worry about her especially some of the bad weather nights, in case she is out doors. Ginger recognizes the car engine, the sound of my front door opening, as she suddenly appears from no-where and if I happen to be going out the front door, she will shoot in making a bee line to Tiggy`s food bowl, she then stays lying around until I come back in. Ginger is not daft, I have metal venetian blinds, well they were in good condition, but they are not Ginger proof as she tries to get through the slats onto the window sill. I quickly have to pull the blinds up so she can sit on the window and make peculiar noises watching the birds on the roof of the house opposite. Then, not happy with that, she will go into the back room, noisily trying to get through the slats of the blinds there. Ginger, knows the ropes now, and she sits and waits for me to pull the blinds up. I do not know who is the daft one!! However, every time I see Ginger, she makes me smile and I just talk to her when I see her on the street.

Ginger got locked in an empty house and as she sat on the window sill inside, I would not move away from the window until I knew she was safely out and I did not want her to think she was on her own, we humans are so daft!!! You will hear about Ginger again from me and other cats who have crossed my doorstep for whatever reason.

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Feb 02, 2008
I can see why Ginger has many homes to visit!
by: Larry (Editor)

What a wonderful photograph of a beautiful cat. I can see why Ginger has many homes to visit, she must be very welcome in each of them.

Yes cats do bring out the soft 'daft' side of us humans, they just have that effect!

That's a great story Sheila, I'm sure that every visitor to this site will enjoy reading it, many thanks to you for sending it in.


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