Gold Cat Jewelry: Show Your Admiration Of Cats

Gold Cat Jewelry: Gold Cat Rings, Pendants, Bracelets, and Cat Pins.

Gold has always been highly valued by mankind as a precious metal. The domestic feline has become valued as a very special pet that, if treated with respect, will favor mankind with its company. Cat jewelry is a means of expressing your appreciation for the beauty and value of the cat.

What wonderful gifts these cat related gold jewelry items will make.

Gold Cat Jewelry


24 Karat (carat,) the purest of all gold. Soft and malleable, the best gold for intricate jewelry or for gold plating, but not suitable for everyday wear.

18 Karat. Stronger and more hardy than pure gold, yet pliant enough to be used for detailed fashioned pieces.

14 Karat. Very popular for jewelry. Affordable, highly durable and suitable for everyday and special occasion pieces.

Gold is mixed with other metals to give it strength. Combining with other metals also results in the various colors of gold.

The familiar yellow gold is obtained by mixing with silver and copper. The deep color of rose gold is created by mixing with only copper. To produce white gold it is combined with nickel or platinum.

Cat jewelry is available in all gold colors, rose gold jewelry, yellow and white cat jewelry.

More Cat Jewelry
Need to buy a gift for someone? If that someone is a cat fanatic then a fabulous piece of cat jewelry could be the absolutely perfect choice, a gift for them to treasure always.

Cat Collectibles
Which cat collectibles do cat lovers collect? Those of us who love cats often have an assortment of cat collectibles from inexpensive treasures to valuable limited edition statuettes. These cat collectibles can be thimbles with pictures of kitties on them, or cat postcards, cat tee shirts, feline adorned tea towels, cat calendars or cat pictures.

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