Gorgeous little black kitten.

by James

Gorgeous little black kitten.

I don’t have a black cat but I do think that they always look gorgeous. My story is of a little black kitten that I once had unfortunately only for a very short time.

The girlfriend that I was seeing at that time presented me with a gorgeous little black kitten out of the blue. I did not have any thoughts off getting a cat but what could I do? There was no way that I wanted to upset the girlfriend and the kitten was delightful no doubt about that.

Anyhow, the kitten, who we called Annie, was one of a litter that friends of the girlfriend had. Annie could not have been that old and I now think that she was perhaps too young to have been taken from the mom cat. All this was a long time ago now.

Annie was full of beans and quite clearly did not like being locked up inside my room. We decided that she would be happy if she was let outside but of course we needed to get her fixed by the vet. I can’t remember if the vet spayed her right away or whether we had to take her back when she was a little older. But I do remember there was a time we had to wait before letting her out after she had been done. Not long, about three days or something. But this was an age for Annie. She could be quite a fire spitting hell cat despite looking so gorgeous.

When we could let her out for the first time it went quite well. We took her out in the back yard and she just sniffed around very cautiously. It was no trouble to pick her up and get her back in. The second time was the same until we took our eyes of her just for a while. Where was she? It took some hunting around but to our relief we found little black kitten in some bushes.

I think that she was beginning to clam down through being let out. She was less energetic indoors and did not race from one wall to the other as much. Then I came home from work gave her her food which she did not seem interested in and let her out which I’m sure is where she wanted to go. I had things to do so stupidly I did not stay in the yard with her and when I went back out, well you can guess, she was gone.

Naturally I looked everywhere but no sign. I left the door open but she did not show up. As you can imagine I got it in the neck when the girlfriend came round. We hoped that Annie was prowling around some where close and would eventually show up but sadly she never did.

I only hope that somebody was lucky and adopted a gorgeous little black kitten already fixed. If ever I do get a cat (first I’ll make sure I know how to look after it and have somewhere good to keep it) I will certainly get a black one.

I don’t think black cats are unlucky, even though I was not lucky with Annie. I do think they are gorgeous though.

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Aug 22, 2007
Thanks James.
by: Larry

Hi James,

Thanks for your black cat (or in this case black kitten) story.

Sorry to read that Annie did not show up again. You were absolutely right to get her spayed though.

And yes she could have been taken from her mother too soon.

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