Holy Moly, black cat in my house!

by Hannah

i had a sleepover with my good friends at Halloween day, we woke up to my mom saying that they saw a black cat IN our house, it apparently was in our house at Halloween, my friends and i were watching the grudge and were laughing about it. i told my friends, we all though it was just a coincidence. but now we don't.

at this very moment he's outside in our house staring through the windows, the cat hissed roughly to my brother and my dog was braking insanely and all the cat did was sit there. i believe in reincarnation and i think it someone in evil unless were over our heads. we even shut the blinds so we wont see it.. .

but were scared and its just sitting there, what is this? why now? is it a person? are we crazy? what are we gonna do ?

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Nov 01, 2007
Cats that are black
by: Larry (editor)

Hi Hannah,

Hope that you enjoyed your Halloween sleepover, Halloween can be a lot of fun.

You know cats are just cats and that includes cats that are black. You will find black cats to be as lovable as any other cat there is nothing evil about them.

The cat is probably staring in your window because it is curious and wonders what all the fuss is about. And your dog will most likely bark at any cat no matter what color it is.

Thanks for your post Hannah.


Apr 22, 2011
Cat in the House
by: Katherine of PA, USA

Many cats that people have as indoor-outdoor pets will wander into other peoples' houses when their doors are open because they are used to being let in and out.

Dogs that aren't used to cats will bark at any cat-or any animal, in fact, or other stranger, especially if it's sitting in the window or in the house. Most cats hiss at dogs and strangers unless it grew up around them.

Bad luck? Never. I have 11 cats, 2 of which are black, one girl and one boy. They are just like all the other cats. The only
bad luck that ever came from owning a black cat is that we had a 3rd black kitty, a boy, who went missing on Halloween in
2005. It is the people around black cats that are superstitious that are bad luck to the cats, not the cats. That's as ridiculous as
saying black humans or black dogs are bad luck. It's just a color.

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