Homemade Cat Toys: Fun For Your Cat

Homemade cat toys can be made out of the simplest of things and give your cat hours of amusement.

Cats need to play. It is often their only opportunity for exercise, to help keep them in top shape and help prevent them from becoming overweight.

A playtime with your little pet is good for you too, in fact there are many good reasons for playing with your cat.

Your cat will not demand that you get her the latest and greatest cat toy from the pet store.

Many simple things around your home can easily be converted into homemade cat toys.

You may not save yourself a fortune by making simple playthings for kitty, store bought cat toys are usually quite inexpensive, but you can have fun doing so and make something personal for your feline friend.

Rolling, Rolling, Rolling, Chase the Rolling Cat Toy

If you have an empty cylindrical tin or plastic container with a screw down lid, you have an instant homemade cat toy that doesn’t take any making!

And what’s more it’s one that cats love.

A Reminder.

For safety’s sake, always be there to supervise your cat playing with homemade cat toys.

Just fill the container with a few dried pasta shapes, rice or dried peas, roll it across the floor and it’s rattling and clattering should have your cat chasing it to investigate.

If the noise does not get your mouser’s attention try filling the tin with something else, (whatever you fill it with make sure that the lid stays on tight, your cat swallowing any of the pieces could be very harmful.)

Should the clatter frighten off your cat then reduce the contents or try rolling the empty container.

Homemade Playhouse for Your Cat

Cardboard boxes can easily be turned into very effective homemade cat toys.

Cut various size holes in the sides of the box, at least one large one so that your cat can climb in and several smaller holes that she can wave a paw out of.

Try two or more cardboard boxes fixed together, with holes cut so that she can climb through from one to the other. With a bit of imagination you can construct your cat her very own homemade playhouse.

cat playing ball

To encourage your cat to try out the playhouse for the first time try tossing a screwed up paper ball inside, but like as not, your cat will not need any enticement to explore her cardboard kingdom.

Remove all staples from the boxes and if necessary re-fix them together using tape that has a non-toxic adhesive.

Take a smaller cardboard box, cut two holes in each side just big enough for an inquisitive paw. Place one or two largish paper balls inside and seal it up.

Your cat now has her own peek-a-boo toy that can give her oodles of amusement.

She peeps through a hole and spies the balls. In goes a paw, she can touch and bat the balls, but she can't get them out!

The Odd Sock Cat Toy

There are always odd socks and the missing one never turns up no matter how much you think it will.

You can put those odd socks to good use by turning them into fun filled homemade cat toys.

The simplest way is to just roll one or more odd socks into a ball and throw it for your kitty.

It will not bounce like a ball but will slide along a smooth floor, and your cat will delight in chasing, bating and catching the sock prey!

Alternatively fill one sock with pieces of material and sew the end closed. To make a sock toy that your cat will get really excited about put a little catnip in with the filling, this is almost guaranteed to make the toy one of your cat’s favorites.

When the catnip starts to lose its potency simply refill and you and your cat are set for hours more homemade fun.

By attaching the sock prey to a length of strong string you can pull the toy across the floor and encourage kitty to chase and pounce at the toy.

Do allow your cat to occasionally be successful in catching her prey, there is a difference between playing and teasing.

Gone Fishing!

There are many fishing pole type cat toys on the market these are great for interactive playing with your cat. Most of these toys are inexpensive to purchase but you can easily make your cat its very own custom pole toy.

 cat playing with toy
Homemade cat toys. A discarded child’s toy can become a fun cat toy. Make sure that there is nothing that can be bitten or pulled off.

A suitable length of garden cane, or thin but strong stick, with a length of string or twine attached and something interesting on the other end and away you go.

What would something interesting be?

Well, the homemade sock toy would be a good candidate but if you and your cat prefer something a little easier to flip, shake and wiggle about try a crumpled sheet of paper. Likely it will get shredded in the course of play but it is simple to replace.

By sewing together small strips of material you can make a pompom to tie to the end of the line. The pompom will easily catch your cat’s attention and she will be darting and diving to try and catch the dancing, prancing, wiggling, jiggling thing!

If Your Cat Can Bat It - Your Cat Will Love It

Most cats love paper balls. Simply scrunch up a sheet of paper into a tight ball, roll or toss it and watch your cat bat at it, pounce on it and toss it into the air.

Try out different kinds of paper, you will find that various kinds act in different ways when rolled (makes different sounds too,) see which kind your cat prefers.

Avoid using paper that has a sharp edge, if you have ever nicked yourself with paper you know it can hurt, it will hurt your cat too!

Don’t be tempted to use aluminum foil to make a ball for your cat (or any homemade cat toys.) Cats love it, it’s bright and makes great sounds, but pieces can be bitten off and if swallowed by your cat it could cause your cat serious injury.

Anything that can be batted, chased, jumped upon or skidded will be loved by your cat.

Paper bags can provide hours of amusement, snip the handles off and watch your cat attack! Do not use plastic bags due to the danger of suffocation.

cat playingCats love to play. Cat toys that you have made yourself or bought from the store make playtime fun.

Always use your homemade cat toys to play with your cat. Never leave them out for your cat to play by herself. String, thread or ribbons can be chewed and if swallowed by your cat can have serious consequences.

Rubber bands or lengths of elastic may be fun but are choking hazards that can prove fatal.

Always be there to supervise your cat and keep her safe when playing with her toys.

If you feel that making cat toys is not for you, no shame in that, there is a great range available at Amazon - Cat Toys

Interactive Cat Toys.
All cats need mental stimulation, exercise and plain old fun! Use interactive cat toys and brighten up your cat's day with a fun and active playtime.

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