How I Got My Cat . . .

Hi my name is Amanda and this is my story about how I got my cat Hobo. Hobo was my cat when I lived with my grandma.

One day I was walking outside and I heard a faint cry. The cry sounded like a little kitten's cry, so I walked around and I was trying to hear that noise again.

When I heard it, it sounded like it was coming from underneath the house. I looked under there and I was so amazed to see a litter of newborn kittens. I went under the house to see if I could see them and I saw some little eyes.

When I got under there the mother cat was hissing at me. I tried to grab them so they won't die and I got them to the house but when I put them down I saw one kitten that properly wasn't going to survive.

I tried warming it up with a blanket and trying to make it breath but it was hopeless.

When my grandma walked in she saw them and asked me where they came from. I told her and she asked about the one that wasn't breathing I said I don't know if that one was going to make or not.

kitten laying down

We rushed it to the animal hospital and told them what had happened and they said that they will try to do everything they can to make it live.

A couple of hours later they came back and told us it was going to make it but it had some trouble breathing .

We were so happy for it and I asked if I could take care of it, my grandma said yes.

When we got home I told my grandma I was going to name it hobo, my grandma asked why I was going to name it that, I said because it looked like a hobo.

A couple weeks later Hobo was three weeks old and was playing and having a good time but then that night he was coughing and spiting, I tried to see what was the matter, my grandma said he was very ill, I asked with what? My grandma said with leukemia, I started crying I said I don’t want him to die why does he have to go?

My grandma said he was very weak and he couldn't make so we put him down.

A year I was 10 and I forgot about Hobo. When my dad came over he said he got me surprise and he was holding a box with ribbon on the top of it.

When I opened the box there was little kitten in it and I started crying, my dad asked why was I crying and I said it looked just like Hobo.

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