How To Tell The Sex Of A Kitten

Do You Know How To Tell The Sex Of A Kitten?

Your cat has given birth to a litter of delightful kittens, each and every one of them as cute as a button.

Not that it matters much, a cute kitten is a cute kitten whatever its gender, you are keen to know which are the boys and which are the girls.

You may be itching to name the kitties and don't want to give them a name of the wrong gender.

You realize that you just don't know how to tell if a  kitten is a boy or a girl. You've taken a peep and they all look pretty much the same down there.

Ah, what about this orange kitty, must be a boy right? Not necessarily, although the majority of orange cats are male about a third are female. And it may be a mistake to assume that a calico kitten is female, nearly all are but the rare male calico does turn up.

So the coat color is no guaranteed way how to tell male from female kittens.

Personality is not a reliable clue, especially with very young kittens.

The more adventurous and aggressive kittens are not necessarily the male ones.

How To Tell The Sex Of A Kitten

Actually, determining kitten gender under the age of two weeks is no easy thing. But beyond that age a little study of the youngster's rear end and you should have your answer.

diagram, how to tell the sex of a kitten.
Male or Female Kitten Diagram

Gently pick up and hold your kitten so the rear end is facing you.

Gently lift up the kitten's tail, or have someone lift it up for you.

As can be seen from the rather crude diagram, both genders have two openings, the upper one being the anus. The lower opening is the kitten's genitalia.

The male kitten's penis usually remains hidden, what is visible is a small round hole.

cute kittenBoy or girl kitten?

The female kitten's vagina appears as a vertical slit.

From the diagram it can be seen that the female's genitals are quite close to the anus, whereas with the male there is more of a gap between the two. With young kittens, this is sometimes the easiest way to tell the sexes apart.

A male kitten's testicles do not descend and fill out its scrotal sac until approximately two months.

After the testicles have descended it becomes rather obvious as to the sex of the kitten.

Now that you know how to tell male from female kittens, you should consider getting mom cat fixed (as soon as the kitties are weaned.) If you don't mom is likely to get pregnant again very soon.

As for the kittens, from age four months, and definitely by age six months, the females should also be spayed and the males neutered.

Each stage of kitten development is precious, enjoy each one. That same kitten, always ready to challenge your other cats, quickly becomes your, equally lovable, fully mature cat.

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Generally newborn kitten care is expertly taken care of by mom cat. You just need to know what to do and be there to help if the need should arise.

How to Tell Sex of Kitten