I wanted her to be an indoor cat!

Nikki, my 3-year-old female cat, was perfectly content with living indoors as a kitten and was very loving and sweet. I wanted her to remain an "indoor cat" for health and safety reasons.

Unfortunately, my sister was of the opinion that that was cruel and, despite my rules, would go behind my back and take her outside. Now she demands to go outside and is persistent. She has a whiny meow that says, "Let me outside NOW!" and she will climb all over the counters and continue to whine until we meet her demands.

I tried to not positively reward her negative behavior by giving her what she wanted but she would often escape when someone would open the door to let the dog out (despite the two bells I put on her collar so that she couldn't be so stealth about it). I feared that she would take off and be hurt somehow so I gave in and met her halfway by allowing her to be tied up within view on a harness and short leash (and I of course get her shots and apply anti-flea and tick drops). This way she can be outside and stalk prey without getting into too much trouble.

I've found that, when she comes back in, she is much better behaved and more loving. She is also less likely to try to escape. Still, though, she sometimes escapes her harness (although she never ventures too far).

So for my particular cat's situation, she loves to watch what's going on outside and she is happier having recreation time outside. I think, though, that if she was not allowed outside she wouldn't necessarily know any different. I do think her safety is compromised by being outside: once when she escaped and my sister ran after her, she said she saw her go into the street and a car PURPOSELY tried to hit her! I think I would feel the same regardless of where we lived.

I don't think she is a danger to wildlife; she's caught a bird once in her three years and is largely unsuccessful when it comes to hunting (probably because of the short leash and the bells I have on her more than her own skill).

I'm not concerned about catnapping because she remains in my fenced backyard. Although there aren't many predators in my area, coyotes have been known to eat small dogs so that would be a concern for me if she were allowed to roam around, particularly at night. If I let her roam free I'm not really sure if I think she would get lost. Like I said, she never seems to go far and, when she escaped for 2 days when she was still a kitten, she found her way back after I placed her litter box outside.

Nikki is one of those cats that can usually take or leave company. She has the dog to play with during the day and she's never left alone for very many hours at a time. I just think her prime motivation for wanting to be outside is that she can stalk birds.

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Nikki has a happy life.
by: Larry (Editor)


Thank you very much indeed for sharing about Nikki with us.

Oh man, I bet you was mad with your sister. But . . . it seems like you have found a good solution. Nikki is enjoying the fresh air and remaining reasonably safe. She sounds a good lively cat.

"I just think her prime motivation for wanting to be outside is that she can stalk birds."

Well a cat would not be a cat if she did not want to hunt, it is their nature. :0)

From what you write Nikki has a happy life, and that's the main thing. Thanks very much for your story once again.

Larry (Editor)

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