I'm scared.

by Brianna Ellis
(Vermillon, SD, USA)

So i just started my first year at college in Vermillon, South Dakota... a very very small college town. So far i have had occurrences with six black cats in the past four weeks. I'm very superstitious and believe things are going to get worse.

And they weird thing is that things are. I have a horrible cold and am coughing non stop, me and my boyfriend have been fighting constantly, and i have never been so homesick and lonely in my life.

So tonight as i walked back into my dorm alone from my car, i was just walking on the sidewalk near the side of the building and out creeps a black cat from in the trees.

He just keeps walking around literally about two feet away from me and was glancing at me left and right. I just stopped and waited for it to get away from me because i was so freaked out i didn't know what to even do.

So after I passed the cat and got into my room, i realized this was reoccurring multiple times and my life was going downhill. It just makes me wonder... is it just a coincidence? what does that mean if it even means anything at all??

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Sep 30, 2008
I have to agree with Harry. . .
by: Larry (Editor)

Hi Brianna,

Thank you very much for sharing your story with us.

I have to agree with Harry. If you believe black cats bring bad luck, then everything that happens to you that you think is unlucky, you will think that it has something to do with the cat. It doesn't of course.

Cats are just cats, black or otherwise.

I try not to walk under ladders, that's my superstition, if I do happen to walk under one and something bad happens down the line, is that the fault of the ladder?

As Harry says, take care of that cold, and good luck.

Larry (Editor)

Sep 30, 2008
Life Happens
by: Anonymous

Life is going to happen no matter what. Personally, I don't believe that black cats are bad luck at all. How do I know this. I have a black cat and it is now seven years of having this beautiful black cat in my life. Good and bad still happens in my life and nothing is going to change that. A black cat has nothing to do with either. It is me and the way I handle the situations.

Take care of your cold and find out what is going on between you and your boyfriend and maybe the both of you can resolve it together. As far as being homesick, if it is your first time away from home it is to be expected.

You have a choice; you can either live in the problem or be a part of the solution.


Oct 06, 2008
No title
by: Sally

I live in a rural area in Georgia, and for some reason, lots of the stray cats I see have stub tails. I don't think there's any superstition about that- just a really horny shorttailed cat running wild. Black cats are no different then any other colored cat. In fact, most of the black cats I've known have had the best purrsonalities!
You're in a new place, a little homesick, and maybe some of that stress is rubbing off on your boyfriend. Try to relax and enjoy the adventure!
Good luck!

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