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Cat Toys

You and interactive cat toys to the rescue.

It seems to us humans that cats have it pretty easy. We feed and water them and take care of the litter tray.

In return for this our feline friends get to lay around the place snoozing in their favorite warm spots.

To be fair they also do allow us to pet them, when their mood allows, and sometimes they may see fit to show us affection.

cat playing with interactive toy

Most of the time though it's a lazy life, especially for indoor only cats.

It's this lazy life that can be a problem. All that laying around can mean an overweight cat and overweight cats are not healthy.

And that's one of the problems that interactive cat toys can help with.

To be at their correct weight cats need to limit their calorie intake and get enough exercise. How do you ensure that your cat gets enough exercise? Through interactive play that's how.

Play that encourages your cat to move, jump, stretch out, pounce and even run all helps to keep off that excess weight.

Wand, or fishing pole type interactive toys challenge your cat with moving prey. It's a cat's natural instinct to hunt, and cats find these toys almost as good as the real thing.

The prey goes this way, that way, fast, faster, slow, your cat leaps and pounces experiencing the thrill of the chase. And it's all under your control.

A wand cat toy will give your cat the fat burning exercise she, or he, needs. Don't overdo it though, a cat shouldn't be exercised to the point of exhaustion.

Best part is, you will find playing with your cat in this way heaps of fun! Let your cat catch the prey now and then, it's only fair. The following examples will be fun for both you and your cat.

This fishing pole toy has a durable wand that will survive even rough play plus it comes apart for easy storage.

Pet Fit For Life 3 Piece Dual Rod Feather Teaser and Exerciser

Lots of variety of toys for your cat to play with included with this fishing pole toy.
GDPet Cat Toys 10 Pieces Including Cat Teaser Wand

Interactive Cat Toys - More Than Just Exercise

It's not too bad for cats that are allowed outside. Out the pet door, into the back yard and maybe beyond.

There is territory to patrol, new smells to check out, prey to chase and other cats to meet and greet, maybe to squabble with. There is plenty to interest an outdoor cat, not too much chance of becoming bored.

But for an indoor cat, life can be a little predictable. Sit in the window and chatter at the birds, sleep, dig around in the litter tray, attack the scratching post, sleep.


But you and interactive cat toys can come to the rescue. A short play session can be a bright spot in your cat's day and provide her with much needed mental stimulation.

Cats that are mentally stimulated by regular play sessions are far less likely to get bored, and less likely to get up to all sorts of mischief through boredom.

Also, playing interactively with your cat helps to reinforce the bond between you. It is something you enjoy together.

Laser Interactive Cat Toys

The red dot suddenly appears in a corner. Now it is scurrying across the floor at about the speed of a mouse! Crouch, pounce, drat!

Where'd it go?

There it is on the wall, leap up and got it, I think, oh no, it's on the move again!

Laser interactive cat toys can give some cats bags of amusement and exercise.

It's easy to mimic the movements of prey and you can have your cat scampering all over the place.

The lasers in cat toys are quite weak but still should not be aimed directly in your cat's eyes, or your eyes.

Your cat of course will not be looking at the toy itself, but concentrating on catching that red dot.

There are laser cat toys that do not require you to operate them, automatically directing the dot around the room in varying patterns. Still fun for your cat, handy for when you have chores to do but without the interactivity between the two of you. See the popular examples below.

This laser pointer can be either hand held or set on a table. It has an automatic shut off after 15 minutes.
PetSafe Bolt Interactive Laser Cat Toy

You don't have to keep your finger on the button on this laser toy.  Just press the button once for blinking, twice for steady on, and three times for off.

Cat Catch the Interactive LED Light Pointer

Interactive Playtime With a Ball

A simple ball can be fun for a cat to chase. Playing ball with your cat means that you are both interacting with the game, building the bond between you.

Choose a ball that has been designed as a cat toy, there is less chance that your cat could bite bits off and it will be the right size for play.

When rolling a ball for your cat remember to roll it away from her.

Why? Because prey does not usually run towards a cat. A ball rolling away appears more like real prey scurrying from your cat, something a cat has simply got to chase!

A scrunched up ball of paper, not too sharp edged, makes a good substitute.

Mylar Crinkle Balls for kitty to bat around. They shine and make crinkle noises.

Play Alone Activity Cat Toys

Some interactive cat toys do not involve you as part of the playtime. There are many types, some are circular tracks with a ball trapped inside that your cat bats around and tries to get at it.

A very popular type is a box with holes, your pet's favorite toys are trapped inside and she has to use her cunning to free them. Food treats can be placed inside as well.

These play alone cat toys can be left out so they are always there for when your cat takes a fancy to amuse herself.

You may find it best though to hide them away for a while, perhaps bringing them out at a certain time of day, so the toy seems fresh and interesting.

Non-skid pads on the bottom keep this toy in place even during rough play.

Tower of Tracks Ball Bat and Chase Toy for Cats

Ball travels through the track -- cat chases and swats it. Multiple track layouts. Extra track available. Ships internationally.

Catnip Hurricane Toy. Put catnip in middle and start balls rolling. Cats go crazy over this. Ships internationally.

Fantasy Toy Board For Cats
Excellent reviews for this toy. Especially for food motivated cats. International shipping.

Cat Tunnel Toy - Interactive With Dangling Ball and Ring Bell Toy. Cats love to crawl inside places. International shipping.

Cat Games for Tablets

If you have a tablet, your cat can play games on it.  All kinds of games are available for free like this one from Amazon.

You can also download free games like the fish game above from Friskies.

All cats, even those in multi-cat households and cats that are allowed out, need stimulation, exercise and plain old fun! That's just what you and interactive cat toys can give them.

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Homemade cat toys can be made out of the simplest of things and give your cat hours of amusement.

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