Its meekat!

by Piorarua

mmm... face warmer

mmm... face warmer

It took me ages to like my cat. I had a beautiful white cat called Lauren. She was my first cat who i adored. My mother used to joke that i reminded her of the phrase 'one man and his dog', except for me it was 'one girl and her cat'.

I really did love that cat. She didn't go out much as she was deaf and only had one eye! not that that stopped her from bringing me back her own take aways! One day, she actually left me speechless when she pushed a fully grown, still perfectly healthy, wild rabbit through the cat flap. followed by a very proud kitty. I swear, the two of them were the same size!

She got knocked down. When my dad woke me up to tell me that morning I left out every last bit of breath I had in me and I'm sure a piece of her left with it. I really took it hard. I didn't just lose a cat, which I'm sure most cat lovers can understand.

Three months past and I started to really miss having a fluffy monster around. My mother suggested it was time to get a new cat, which I jumped to the idea. So, it was off to the animal shelter with me, my mother and my two younger sisters.

We went into the cat section. It really was a miserable sight. Actually, this shelter is now closed down and thankfully a new one has been open in a different area.

So anyway, There she was... With the biggest eyes and ears I have ever seen. She was gorgeous! I just knew she was for me. She was too perfect!

I remember on the way home in the car, she meowed, followed by a synchronized 'awww' by everyone else. But then I got her home.

I don't know what I expected. Maybe I thought I'd get the same cat again. But I hated her. She wasn't a bad cat. She was lovely actually. We didn't have any problems with her.

I suppose at the end of the day, it wasn't Lauren, it was some strange cat who had wandered into my home. But my mother pointed out to me that it wasn't her fault she was in our home. She had never asked to come, so therefore it was my responsibility to make her welcome and well looked after.

I did do that, she was my cat after all, I couldn't expect others to take on the responsibility.

When she was six months old, she went to the vets to be spayed. The poor girl came home all groggy. So i put here into a room, with a nice warm bed and plenty of water, turned off the lights and left her sleep.

While I sat in a chair, watching tv, I saw her big eyes peek round the door. She obviously didn't want to be on her own. She tipped over to me and got ready to jump up on my lap, but because she was still drowsy, she missed and fell back onto the floor.

And there she was, after an operation, probably felling very sore and confused. All she wanted to do was come up to me for a bit of TLC. She actually needed me!

And that's when I realised that, yeah okay, she's not Lauren, but she sure as hell does a good job at being herself.

She turned four in June. We have had four brilliant years together! I know she was the right cat for me.

Lauren died on 24th July 2005. Meekas birthday! I really and truly believe she was meant for me.

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Aug 29, 2009
Meeka is a stunner.
by: Larry (Editor)

Hi Piorarua,

Thank you very much indeed for sharing with us your wonderful story about Lauren and Meeka.

When we lose a much loved pet a new one can never actually "replace" them. After all all pets are unique, perhaps cats especially so.

But of course, we love our new companions for who they are. And life is always so much better with a cat around :0)

Meeka is a stunner, what a sumptuous coat she has, and does indeed look like the perfect face warmer!

Larry (Editor)

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