by Joy
(Salton Cith, CA)

I always have one foot out of the covers. During the night Zeb will bite my foot to wake me up. Plus the meowing a good part of the night.

When he is meowing I will yell at him. Sometimes that will work but, it is getting worse. I have stopped yelling at him because then he knows I'm awake and will come in bed for smooches.

It works only so often. He bites my foot to wake me up again for smooches. I love my cat but love my sleep! These articles on "bed biting" and "night calling" don't give me the info I need.

Any suggestions?

Zeb is not a aggressive cat at all. He loves people. We have 2 big dogs and he acts like one of them. People will come over and he will be right there for some stroking, and then he will bite them. He has never drawn blood thankfully!

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alarm clock cats
by: Katie

I used to have an alarm clock cat. I got up at 6 am every weekday to get ready for work and get his breakfast. He learned my schedule and would wake me promptly at 6 am by sitting on my stomach and biting my nose. This was great on weekdays, since there was no risk of my sleeping through my alarm. But it wasn't so great on Sundays. ___________________

Is there a way to shut him out of your bedroom at night?

Possibly get him another kitten to play with so he'll be less interested in playing with your foot at 3 am?

Hope You Get The Advice You Need.
by: Larry (editor)

Hi Joy,

Thank you for your submission. I'm sorry to read of your problems with Zeb, he sounds like a great cat, except for his biting habit of course.

If Cat Attacking My Feet does not help at all with the problem of Zeb nipping your feet at night, then I'm sorry I don't have any more advice I can add to that.

Hopefully another reader will post some suggestions for you.

As for Zeb biting your guests, that's not good is it. As soon as he shows any signs that he is about to bite, the stroking must stop and the cat must be put in another room. Takes time, but eventually he may learn that biting means the end of any fuss being made of him.

I hope you get the answer to your problems Joy, so you can enjoy your great cat even more.

Larry (editor)

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