Kali my Fortune Angel Lost her Forever ............

by Noii
(Pune, maharashtra, India)

It happened in 2003 that i was passing by a lonely street 1 evening & suddenly this black cat was about 2 come under my car, so i picked her took her home, she was the most special cat i ever had in my life, as i always had cats around me since my childhood.

She was very intelligent we were a lovely couple living together & kali completed our family when we went to work every morning she used to be in the park & watch people and children around, we lived on the 3rd floor in an apartment so when we got back from work kali used to hear the bike noise and come to the parking following us like a dog.

She was very flexible so when we went to restaurants or our friends home etc she used to come with us & sit like a princess with us, when she was about to deliver babies she used to come wherever i am, delicately bite my finger and pull me to the place she wanted to give babies and i had to be with her to support her in her pains etc, she was lovely, never dirtied the home when ever she wanted to go for toilet she came purring to me and then walking to the door said let me to go ...

Finally one day came that i was traveling out of station and she was in heat so just went to a so called friend of mine who was a dog trainer and was running a holiday home for animals asked him to take care of her for 2 days and he put her in a cage that was made of iron and locked it that was the last day i saw Kali after some hours i got the news that Kali ran away from the cage that was not possible my heart felt the pain for the blunder i had done and i lost her forever i cannot forgive myself till today wish i would never have given her after that my life was a hell in all segments.........................

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Sep 24, 2010
My sympathy for your loss
by: Maureen (Scotland)

Hello Noll,

I am so very sorry to hear that you lost your beloved Kali. We can only hope she has found another guardian angel to take care of her, or perhaps that, one day, she will find you again.

If neither of these things happen, it may be some comfort to you to know that cats are very intelligent, and even a domestic cat is able to quickly adapt to life in the wild.

However I do feel your pain. I too, took in a stray cat roughly one year ago (I named her Obi Wan Kenobi - Star Wars fan that I am) and I never thought to lose my heart so quickly! But lose it I did: I adored her. Obi was always happy to see me, always curled up on my lap, and she purred so loudly it was like having a car engine in my living room. But she died six months after I found her, leaving me completely distraught ...

Still, I am all the richer for having had her in my life, as you are for having had sweet Kali.

Take care,

Maureen ;)

Sep 23, 2010
An angel of a cat.
by: Larry (Editor)

Hi Noii,

It does sound like you had a little angel of a cat in Kali.

Sometimes we have no choice but to trust someone else to look after our beloved pets. If we choose wisely all goes well.

Sometimes though, although we are sure that things will be OK, something happens. You cannot keep blaming yourself for what happened, you did the best that you could in the situation that you had.

Thank you very much for sharing your story of your wonderful black cat with us.

Larry (Editor)

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