Thoughts About Kitten Names

kitten names

Kitten names can be as unusual, diverse, strange, or comical, as names for ...humans!

You have your delightful little bundle of fluff and are keen and eager to call the little darling something.

Of course you could go on forever calling your new pet "Kitty" or "Baby", but you are determined to settle on a proper handle.

One problem with naming a kitten is - you can be spoiled for choice.

Sometimes you have no choice in the matter at all!

The name of your kitten comes in a flash of inspiration. From the first moment you know that your kitten is a Suzy, or an Oscar, and that absolutely no other kitten names will do.

Often your kitten will show a personality trait that suggests a name. Will you call him Bonkers, Tinker or Tiger? Is your kitten's name to be Brighteyes or Sunshine.

Lightning, Speedy, Flash and Quicksilver are names that are often chosen for very active kittens.

You may want to wait a few days before naming your kitten.

By studying your kitty's behavior you will get to know its personality and that should give you inspiration for a name.

OK, so your kitten hasn't given you a clue from its personality.

You are going to have to put your thinking cap on and find a name that you will be happy with.

Everyone in your family will have their own opinion about your new pet's identity, each and every one different. The kitten is your pet, you make the choice of name.

tabby and white kitten

Find a name for your kitten - that's good for a full grown cat!

What is a kitten? It is, of course, a young cat. The name that you choose for your tiny kitten will still be with her when your cat is a monster mouser!

You may not be happy with names such as Tiddles, Twinky or Bubby, when your kitten is a fully grown mature cat.

Be very sure of the sex of your kitten when choosing names. Not much of a problem when George turns out to be Georgina, but what if Suzy is reveled to be Sidney?

Will your kitten keep her pure white coat? Kitten names such as Snowy, Chalky, Milky or Whitey, may not be appropriate when your kitten's covering has changed a little.

Coat colors, of course, do give hints for suitable names. A cute black bundle of fur cries out to be named Inky, Jet, Blacky, Mora (means blackberry), Blackberry, Sooty, Midnight, Coal.

The breed or variety of your kitten will often suggest names. Orange cats are often named Ginger, Marmalade, Red, Scarlet, Spice, Pickle, Ruby and so on.

You frequently meet tabby cats named Tiger, Tigger, Rolly, Stripes etc. Black and white cats often look jaunty. To name a tuxedo kitten you could use Checkers, Chess, Frisky, Chipper, Dash, Dandy, Dapper.

Kitten names such as Blue, Smokey, Dusky, Ash, Smudge or Charcoal would suit a gray kitten. A Siamese kitty could be named Ww-laa (means royal cat) or Rasha (means King) or Sagwa (means poetry).

If your new kitten is to share your home with another pet, it may be wise not to have names that are similar sounding.

If you own a dog named Ollie, and you name your new kitten Molly, do not be surprised if Ollie comes bounding over when you call your kitten!.

If you are considering long names, do bare in mind the short versions.

Will you confuse your kitten if you name him William, and alternately call him Bill?

black and white kitten

In general kittens, and other pets, react to shorter one or two syllable names better than longer names.

Remember that, unless your kitten is to be an indoor only cat, you may have to call out your kittens name in public.

Names such as Rumpleteazer, or Brobdingnagian, may cause you no embarrassment in your home, but would you be happy shouting out the name in front of your house?

Here is a list of Black Cat Names it may help you in finding that perfect name for your black kitten or cat, and a few suggestions for finding Siamese Cat Names.

A kitten by any name is always a pleasure to look at: Kitten Pictures

Egyptian Cat Art.
Egyptian cat art does not portray cuddly creatures. They suggest regal felines that were treated as royalty, perfectly groomed and showered with jewels and precious stones.

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