Kitten Toys

Kitten Toys – An Aid To Development

kitten playing with toy

 Kittens love to play. They play with their litter mates, they chase around, hunt each other, tumble and play fight. It's part of the process of learning how to get through life.

If you adopted a single kitten, it is likely that she or he will have been used to playing with their siblings.

Now there is only you, other humans, your older cat or other pets.

Your new little kitten will look to you to provide her with stimulation through play. Playing is very important for your kitten . . .

. . . and it sure is fun for you too!

Kitten Toys - Something To Stalk . . .

Toys are a tremendous aid to playing with your kitten.

Toys can be something for your young feline to stalk, chase, attack and investigate.

Almost anything can be a toy, not only specially manufactured toys for kittens.

A screwed up sheet of suitable paper can give a kitten lots of amusement, toss it for your kitty and watch her scamper after it.

An old sock rolled into a ball and tied to a piece of string makes a great 'pull and chase' toy.

kitten playing with toy

Make sure though, to always use those string type toys to play with your kitten, never leave your kitty to play with them on her own.

Kittens investigate things with their mouths and a swallowed piece of string, thread or a rubber band can cause nasty problems.

The same applies to small objects that kitty can bat around. These hold a fascination for feline young ones, they love to send them skidding across the floor, chase after them and bat them again. But kittens should never be left alone with such things, they are too easily swallowed.

Be careful with store bought kitten toys too.

It is safest to supervise your kitten when she is playing with any toy, even toys designed for your little pet to enjoy on her own, (bits can come off of even the best made toys, the eyes of a toy mouse for example.)

Your Hands Are Not Toys

Do not tempt your kitten to use your hands as playthings. It may be amusing to drag your hand along a surface and let kitty chase and catch it. Your hand will be prey to kitty of course and when she has captured her prey, she will bite at it.

The nips of a tiny kitten will not hurt much, but as kitty grows the bites get more severe.

It is a bad habit to encourage, your feline will think of hands as toys to be attacked, even when she is fully grown. Cat Bites Can Be Very Serious.

Catnip Kitten Toys

Watching a cat going crazy with a catnip toy, or a catnip filled toy, can be a barrel of laughs.

But before you buy your young kitten a catnip toy, remember that kittens generally do not react to the herb until they are around three to six months old. Not even all adult cats react.

Still, older kittens that do react can certainly have a lot of fun with a Catnip toy. But before spending out, buy a small quantity of the herb and see if your kitty responds to it.

Favorite Kitten Toys

Here's a tip. No matter how much your kitten enjoys a certain toy, her interest in it may wane if she gets to play with it too often and over too long a period of time.

Let her play with it for about a week and then hide it away.

Of course, substitute another of her favorite toys and let her enjoy that one for around a week.

Then swap over with the original, it will seem fresh to her and she will enjoy the toy all the more.

Always put kitty's toys away when the play session is finished.

If a toy is left out your kitten could become too familiar with it and it loses its attraction.

More importantly, there is the chance of injury if you are not supervising.

Toys For Kittens

What's the difference between toys for kittens and toys for cats? In most cases they can be one and the same. A kitten will delight in chasing a wand and bird type toy just as much as a cat will.

Your little one will probably enjoy toys that are appropriate for her size rather than larger ones designed for adult cats.

Softer fluffy toys may be appreciated too. Other than that your kitten will likely delight in any toy that gets her attention, helps her to exercise and helps her development.

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