A Large Litter Box For A Large Cat

Some cats are bigger than others and for those cats a large litter box may help to prevent problems.

It is not a question of having just enough space in which to do their business.

Cats like enough room to pad about, turn around and turn around again and then pick just the one perfect spot in which to go.

When they are finished they need room to dig and to cover up.

If they don’t have that, accidents are likely to happen.

The cat is likely to be too close to the edge and most of the urine or feces ends up on the floor and not in the litter.

Worse still, the cat refuses to use a litter box that is not large enough for their needs.

Keep in mind that the size of the litter box is not the only consideration.

A large litter box is quite likely to have fairly high sides, if your cat is elderly or has arthritis she may have difficulty in climbing in and so be unlikely to use it.

In this case a large box with at least one low side may be the answer.

Maine coon catMaine coons are a large breed and will almost certainly need to use jumbo litter boxes.

If you have had your cat from kittenhood you no doubt bought a kitten size litter tray for him or her to start with.

When he or she got bigger you swapped that small tray for an adult size box.

Standard size litter boxes though can sometimes be quite small and not at all suitable for a larger cat.

Some manufacturers, but by no means all, describe their product as a jumbo litter box when in reality it is only a fraction bigger than a standard box.

You have got to make sure of what you are buying.

Check the dimensions and be absolutely certain the box is roomy enough for your large cat.

Keeping It Covered?

If you are considering a covered (hooded) litter box be aware that some cats simply do not like them, they feel too confined, other cats though prefer the privacy they offer.

Size is even more important with a covered box, your cat must not feel at all cramped and have enough room to turn around, or she will decline to use it.

Remember too that some cats are taller than others and the cover needs to be high enough to allow your cat to stand up.

A large litter box is often the solution to inappropriate elimination problems when you have a big cat. But a too small box may not be the only cause of the problem.

The cause can range from the wrong kind of litter, to the litter box being in the wrong place to medical problems. Indeed, if your cat normally uses the box properly and suddenly starts doing otherwise, you should consider if she may be unwell and, if need be, consult your veterinarian.

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