LBK, little black kitty.

by Colleen

Many years ago, our family cat had ANOTHER litter and we kept two of the kittens. One, a beautiful black kitty with a single white slash on his chest and a sudden crook at the end of his tail.

I couldn't come up with a name for him and we all called him the little black kitty, which evolved into LBK. He grew into a beautiful, long, muscular cat. Looked like a little puma when he stretched and bared his teeth. But he was a sweetheart. And a thief. Nerf balls started mysteriously showing up all around our house. The hand-held size. I personally saw him race into our garage one day with one in his mouth!

Apparently he was not just nonchalantly cruising the neighborhood, he was on the prowl! For Nerf balls! He could not resist them for some reason. I returned a few when I could. He looked so big and mean, but he was a sweetie, loved to curl up with me and sleep. One morning, before he was two yrs old, he dragged his body to me, couldn't stand up. I grabbed him up and raced to the vet, The same vet who had fixed and inoculated him. They came out a few minutes later and said.. you know what they said...feline leukemia. I said fix him, now. They looked at me sadly and said ok.

Another twenty minutes and they came out and said he was gone. To this day, I doubt they tried to do anything, what could they have done? There is an inoculation, but no cure. I don't know how he got it and his sister lived for years afterwards.

Before the morning he dragged himself to me, there were no symptoms I noticed. He was fine, lying in the grass, jumping at shadows, stealing balls, lol. But, get the shot for your cat, can't hurt. I will never advocate keeping your cat indoors if you live in a traffic safe area. Quality of life versus quantity, he was so happy exploring and "collecting" his Nerf balls. What a great, beautiful cat.

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Jan 28, 2010
Cat Conundrum
by: Anonymous

Cats should be outdoors, we can keep them inside, to keep them safe, for our further pleasure.But what about their pleasure? It's a conundrum, keep them safe or let them enjoy their lives.

Jan 28, 2010
Cat with plenty of personality.
by: Larry (Editor)

Hi Colleen,

Nerf balls are made to be "stolen" by cats :0)

Sounds like LBK was cat with plenty of personality. I'm very sorry indeed to read that he fell victim to feline leukemia.

I do understand what you mean about quality of life versus quantity. Unfortunately allowing a cat freedom does increase the risk of various viruses. There are many viewpoints on whether cats should be kept in or not on this page - Outdoor Cat – or – Indoor Cat.

Your advice about all cats having their shots is spot on.

Thank you very much indeed for sharing little black kitty's story with us.

Larry (Editor)

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