What is the Solution to Litter Box Smells?

Litter box smells, ugh who wants the odor from the litter tray wafting through their home?

Let's be honest it certainly is not the most pleasant of fragrances.

You love your cats to pieces of course, they are a delight in your life. But you and your family are fed up to the back teeth with the pong from the box, and you wonder what visitors to your home must think.

Can the problem be solved?

Is there a way of eliminating that horrible litter odor so that your home smells nice and fresh?

Almost certainly yes, but it may take some experimenting to find an effective answer.

Of course you know that you need to scoop out the litter box once a day and more often if it needs it.

If you have more than one cat then you will need a Litter Box for Each, and some folks recommend having one extra box.

Usually each cat will adopt a box and use it exclusively.

This means not only will usage of the boxes be spread out and gives you the chance to scoop them before they really get foul smelling.

By having more than one box, you can more easily tell if one of your cats makes particularly bad litter box smells.

bad smellLitter box smelling bad? Not nice for you or your guests.

If it is one cat that is making most of the pong, and presuming she or he is eating the same as your other kitties, it is possible it is a medical reason.

Your veterinarian may need to be consulted.

As mentioned, what your cats eat can affect the smell they leave in the litter box.

You may have to try out different diets for your felines to cure the odor problem.

But of course, just because a food would mean an odor free litter tray, does not mean your cats will eat it. Often life with cats is a compromise.

Any new food you try out will have to be done gradually, cats as a rule don't like change, so just mix in more and more of the new with the old, until you are serving up all new.

How about the litter itself?

Well, you can try a different litter, perhaps a scented or an odor neutralizing brand, but in the end your cat is the boss. If kitty does not take to the litter it does not matter how well it works.

As with switching food, you will have the best chance of success if you change gradually.

Remember also, that some smells that are attractive to humans are disliked by cats, some cats will scat away from anything citrus scented for example.

A lot of folks recommend adding baking soda to the litter. Baking soda absorbs moisture and odors and is safe for your cat.

Could the litter box smells be the fault of the litter box itself?

It's possible. Litter trays are generally made of plastic, as plastic ages it becomes absorbent and your cat's urine soaks in.

When this happens it doesn't matter how frequently you clean your cat's litter box it will smell unpleasant. The only answer here is to replace the tray.

Covered litter boxes. Some cats love hooded boxes, some don't. Some humans find that the hood will help to contain odors and so reduce litter box smells.

Others find that these boxes don't have that result at all. Unfortunately if the odor is successfully kept inside the hood, then many cats will not want to venture in there.

Automatic litter boxes. As these boxes rake away the clumps each time they are used many people find that odor is significantly reduced.

If you have to leave your cat for a time each day, and so are not there to scoop, then a box that cleans itself automatically  may mean that you come back to a fresher smelling home. Again, although many cats happily take to a robotic box, some will not be happy with them.

 bad smell
You don't necessarily want your home smelling of roses, you just don't want that cat litter odor.

Finally, be absolutely sure that it is the litter box that is smelling.

For example, one lady was suddenly face with what she was sure was a smelly litter box problem, and she tried her utmost to solve it.

But as she discovered it wasn't the box itself at all.

Her loving cat companion, a big old boy, was getting on in years. He now sometimes found it difficult to climb into his box, which was rather high sided. The cat had found an out of sight spot near his litter tray and having used the spot once, kept returning there each time he couldn't make it into his tray.

This cat had never had accidents before, so the lady assumed it was a smelly litter box that was the problem.

Good luck with your campaign to end litter box smells, keep trying different solutions and you will succeed in the end.

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