Looked into the eyes of a black cat

by bwill

Can a cat's spirit, if looked face on into its eyes, have an affect on the person?


Hi, I get a few one line questions like yours. Thank you for submitting it, but it is not really what these pages are for. These pages are here so folks can tell their story of their own black cat.

It is best that the story is about 300 to 500 words (enough to make a page that other folks will be interested in reading,) a photograph or two,is always good too.

One line questions I usually just delete because there is not much I can do with them. But then when I received yours I thought, why not, I'll publish it. It will be chance to point out what these pages are for and, if I get similar questions to yours, I can place them here too.

OK, on to your question.

Can a cat's spirit, if looked face on into its eyes, have an affect on the person?

Well, a lot depends on what you believe. My answer is that a cat, black or not, is just a very loving animal. It can't hurt you by looking at you and would not want to unless it is frightened and wants to defend itself.

You don't say a black cat, but as you posted to this section I'll take it that's what you meant. Black cats are not evil spirits or anything harmful, just cats like any other.

I'll leave the comments open so that others can give their views.

Larry (editor)


Question submitted anonymously

A black cat sat on my door step of a hour crying i opened the door and it came up to me and i stroked it and then it bit me and i look at my hand it was ok i look back at the cat and it was gone what would u say that was all about?


Cats can be a little strange sometimes, all cats not just black cats. The cat may have been feral, a stray or someones pet. It may have come to your door looking for food. You opened your door and stroked it. Cats like that, but then you were a stranger. On the one hand the cat enjoyed being petted on the other hand it may have though you were being to familiar for a stranger, so it bit you. No supernatural reason at all.

You say that your hand was OK, but you have to be very careful with cat bites, please see - Is A Cat Bite Serious?


The cat that came from nowhere.

Submitted by By: Jhudwan Jenkins

I walked outside it had this black cat with green eyes sitting on my porch so i went walk down the street an it left but on my way home it came to meet me just before i got in my yard it came running and meet me an its still on my porch. What does this means?


I'd say it does not mean anything other than what happened. You befriended a cat, so it waited around. Nothing mysterious, nothing supernatural, no significance in the fact the cat was black.


Black Cat Dream

Submitted by Leisarae.

I am a person who remembers her dreams all the time and believe that they have meanings for when you are awake to help heal your body.

My dream was that I was driving a car, my husband beside me and there were 2 black cats near the pedals of the car. All was well and then all of a sudden one of the black cats bit my right hand, not once but twice. it did not seem to draw blood, but I could really feel the pressure from the bite.

Could you give me the meaning of this dream?

Comment by Robyn

I might be able to interpret the dream if I knew more about you. Dreams must understood in the context of our lives most of the time.

Traditionally, black cats stand for the occult or "bad luck". SO... whether or not you (or someone you know) have occult involvement could make a difference in the dream interpretation. Also, your personal experiences with black cats would be key. For instance, if you had black cats as pets growing up, and how you felt about them, etc.

Since the cat bit you not once, but twice, that is certainly an indication that the message is important.


My cat died on my birthday

My cat was always healthy we loved him to death. When i was sad he would follow me and sit on my lap and stay there till i left.& on the morning of my birthday he woke up sick, and ended up dying that morning.It was a Sunday, July 3rd will be the 1st year anniversary of his death. Did his death mean something?


That is very sad. It is always heartbreaking to lose a pet, to do so on your birthday must have been very upsetting.

But there is no meaning in it, it was just a very unfortunate coincidence. Remember your cat with love.



by Kath England.

I accidently killed a black cat the other day!....what does this mean?


Kath, I'm very sorry for you and I'm very sorry for the poor cat that this happened.

But the fact that the cat was black does not mean anything at all. Black cats are not magic, they are not evil, they are just beautiful cats, same as any other. You will not be cursed or anything.

What it does mean is a cat lost its life and somebody lost their pet. Accidents happen but, assuming it was a driving accident, we all have to keep an eye out for cats who may run into the road without warning.

Larry (editor)

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