Love of Water

by Katie
(College in texas)

Her favorite Place

Her favorite Place

My black cat was a stray that I had seen a couple of times, she used to come up to me for a couple minutes of scratching and love. I would look at her everyday and say I would love to take you home but my parents don't like cats.

Well one day a couple of kids got drunk and threw her off of a bridge, I immediately went down to where she was swimming and grabbed her before she even got to dry land. I put her in the passenger seat in my truck and drove home immediately.

At the time we were living in a house where my room had my own set of sliding glass doors, We went in through the doors and ran to the bathroom that was also in my own room luckily enough. I rinsed her off and dried her with a towel as best as i could since she was wriggling around and still a little scared. Then I knew that I was going to keep her at all costs, I called a friend and told him to drive over and pick me up so we could get cat litter and cat food, we lied and told my parents that his family member just died and we were going to hang out for a half an hour or so. Me, never have owned a cat before, went to Walmart and bought cat litter and wet cat food. I got dropped off and he went home and wished me good luck on keeping the cat.

I put the litter box (which was a cardboard shoe box) in my closet along with a water bowl and a food bowl, I put some wet food in the bowl. Apparently she was so young that she couldn't even eat the meat chunks in the bowl because for a good two weeks all she ate was the gravy in the bowl. She slept with me in my bed that night and her favorite spot was on my arm, she put her nose in my armpit and she was so small that her butt wouldn't even reach my elbow. The next day I went to school so I put her in the closet since I haven't told either of my parents about the new visitor yet, 15 minutes before school gets out I get a text message from my mother asking me what in the world was a cat doing in my closet. After begging her not to kill my cat who I had named Amorajah, I immediately left school and raced home. I convinced my mom to make a deal with me, If Ami did well with the 7 month old baby we would keep her and she would defend Ami and me from my father.

Needless to say Ami did perfect and to this day has only swiped at the baby 2 times, who is now three years old. Me and my mom tag teamed daddy and he said that we could keep her and now she lives on the boat with my parents while I am in college and sleeps on my father every night when I am away. I think that she still to this day loves me the most and hangs out with me the most because she is still grateful that I took her out of the water and gave her a home.

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Aug 01, 2010
cat in the water
by: Anonymous

I dont know why anyone could throw a cat into water for any reason. Two thumbs up to you for getting her out.

About five years ago me and my friend was walking by the lake and there was a small cat (not black0)struggling to stay afloat in the water. Lucky the water by the edge was not deep so we could get her out but we both got soaking.

The little cat was very scared and angry and shook itself like mad. unfortunately it ran off as soon as she could and we could not catch her. We wanted to keep her.

Mar 29, 2010
The Toilet Bowl
by: Katie

Yes Ami is the same cat who drinks out of the toilet bowl sadly. lol.

Mar 19, 2010
Kudos to you for rescuing her.
by: Larry (Editor)

Hi Katie,

Thank you very much for sharing your wonderful story and picture of Ami.

I hope those kids that threw her off of a bridge quit drinking until they are mature enough to do so without inflicting unnecessary suffering to an innocent animal. Kudos to you for rescuing her.

Is Ami the black cat that drinks from a toilet bowl?

Ahh, all that hiding Ami from your mom and worrying about your dad . . . and they both love Ami because cats have that way of winning humans around :0)

Larry (Editor)

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