by Breanna
(Memphis, TN, US.)

One day my mom and my big brother came home with a little black kitten in their hand. I remember the exact date it was may 18, 2012.

See, I've always wanted an animal ever since i was little. I love animals, so i was so excited to finally get a pet but, i never thought i would have a cat especially an animal. my mom wouldn't never let me get a pet because she says "they are just like children, you have to bathe, feed, take them to the vet and all.

But, all that changed on may 18, 2012, they brought her in and we fed her some milk; that's all we had, so after that we just let her walk around. Now, at the time we didn't know she was a she but we soon found out! *wink wink* at first my mom said we were only gonna let her stay there for a couple of days! and then i was sad inside.

It turns out, they found her at the doaller general, heheheh. the owner of the place kicked her out because she was disturbing the customers so they had went into the store and when they came out she was sitting behind my moms car. Out of all the cars in the lot she chose my mom to sit behind:P *kinda weird* huh?

........ so when they brought her home my mom and my brother left to go somewhere, me and the little kitten got along really good.

Later in the day my mom came home with bags of cat stuff. cat food, milk, flea collar, cat litter, litter liner, shampoo. At first i was shocked and then i said the magic words; can we have her? And the words came out of my moms mouth so soft! yes she said.

I quickly jumped up and ran and hugged her i was speechless. i ran and grabbed little kitten and hugged her tightly. She had flea but that wasn't really a big deal. i put the flea collar on her and sat up her litter box and fed her cat food.

Later in the night me and my mom were sitting in the room thinking of names for the kitten and my mom came up with the name lovely, which was a great name. She's gotten so frisky since the day i got her and a little bigger to which is a good thing and she loves her home.

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Jun 05, 2012
Lovely Story
by: Liz

Hi Breanna and Larry

That's a lovely story as well - you must have been so excited but not daring to hope that your mom would allow her to stay.

She'd said that you couldn't have a pet because they're a lot of work. She's right a kitten is a big responsibility but they're worth it as they give you so much love in return.

So when she brought home all the cat litter and the litter tray, flea collar and food and mom said 'yes' you must have been over the moon.

I wish you and Lovely a very happy future together and as Larry says, do keep us updated as to how she's getting on - photos would be nice.


Jun 04, 2012
Lovely black kitten.
by: Larry (editor)

Hi Breanna,

Thank you so much for telling us all about your wonderful new pet. Everyone can see that she is indeed a Lovely black kitten.

Your excitement and enthusiasm really shines through in your post, it is easy to see how pleased you are that Lovely has entered your life.

Your mom is right, moms usually are, pets are like children in that they do need a lot of caring for. But I'm certain that you are going to care for Lovely just fine and give her lots of love.

Lovely is a splendid kitten, please do post again sometime and let us know how she is getting on.

Larry (editor)

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