Loving Tabby - Pumpkin and his adopted brother.

by gintaras
(mendocino, ca)

Loving Brothers

Loving Brothers

Introducing a new cat to the household is always a stressful event. So when this little grey, wild kitten showed up at our house (we lived in the middle of woods - no neighbors around) I was determined to rescue him (which at the time I didn't know it was a him). We named him Tuesday, the day he first showed up.

What a fast and feisty little cat - Tuesday eluded capture a number of times but finally caught him in a coon cage-type trap. I thought he would freak but didn't - had this slightly unsure look on his face but he knew this was going to be good for him.

Now the hard part - the introduction. Had several cats at the time all real mellow - but my concern was with Pumpkin - though a sweet tabby he was no doubt an alpha and I've seen him dispatch intruders very, very, very aggressively.

So Pumpkin meets kitten Tuesday - not only immediate acceptance but obvious love. It's like they always knew each other and I've often wondered if it was from past lives. They were constant and loving companions in life for over 16 years - a truly incredible event that non related cats should be so bonded.

I was a privilege to experience this and take care of them. Both have since returned to kitty heaven.

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Feb 22, 2012
Taming a feral
by: Gintaras

Yeah, I guess Tuesday was a feral - never thought of it that way; vet told me he was too old to ever make a good pet - I've always been one to prove vets wrong.

Luckily I worked from home when Tuesday became part of my life. Initially he was in huge multi level cage in the house and I would spend time/handle him every 30 minutes or so. I spent a lot of time with him. A lot.

After about 6 weeks he was let out to roam the house - got along great with the other cats. However, I was the only person that could pick him up and hold him, and he would only spend time on my lap and never really liked anyone else.

In the end, yeah the vet was wrong - he was a sweet and loving cat and I was blessed to have spent so much time with him.

So I guess if you don't know something is supposed to be difficult/impossible you just do it anyways. Tuesday is proof of that.

Feb 22, 2012
by: Larry (editor)

Hi Gintaras,

What a fabulous photograph of two fabulous cats, my word they are good looking.

Congratulations on 'taming' a feral (if taming is the right word) Not something that I have tried but I understand that it takes an awful lot of perseverance.

Just looking at your photo it is obvious that Pumpkin and Tuesday did indeed bond as brothers, what a marvelous thing to happen.

Thank you very much indeed for sharing your stories and photographs of your cats with us, it is much appreciated.

Larry (editor)

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