Lucky Cat

A Cat Named Lucky by Aminah Bee

This is how my pet cat got his name Lucky.

I am from Singapore. 11 years ago, in 1993, I found a stray male kitten aged about 4 months, skinny, look malnourished and barely alive.

I found him on the sidewalk unconscious and dying. He had thick mucous discharge coming out from his nose and mouth. I brought this stray immediately to the vet.

The vet told me that this kitten is very sick suffering from severe flu and fever, it is dying and could not live long. The vet wanted to put this stray kitten to sleep by euthanasia.

The vet also said it is cheaper to put the cat to sleep than having it treated and hospitalized for sometime, which the vet estimated about two weeks stay at the vet hospital.

I told the vet it is against my conscience to put the cat to sleep and the cat should die from a natural death. The vet said that I am wasting my time and money, the cat is suffering a slow and painful death, the best way to put it out of its misery is euthanasia.

The vet also said that it would be a miracle if this cat would be alive in three days time and he bet this cat would die by then, as he don't think medications would recover this cat illness.

I told the vet miracles do happen, let us bet if this cat survive, its name would be Lucky and not to give up hope on treating this sick cat.

While this cat laid unconscious, in a coma in the vet hospital, I prayed God every day, I asked for God help for a speedy recovery to the cat severe illness or if there really is no hope, let the cat die quickly. I asked God not to let the poor cat suffer.

It seems God answer my prayers. On the cat 3rd day vet hospital stay, the vet phoned me and said that a miracle just happen.

It seems the dying, unconscious cat suddenly stood up, fully awake and since it is eating a bit, that is a good sign it is going to recover.

After spending 2 weeks stay in the animal hospital, the cat was fully recovered and discharged from hospital. On the cat medical and hospital bill, the vet wrote the cat name as Lucky.

The vet said that he remembered the bet we had, if this nameless stray cat miraculously survived, it would be name Lucky.

I told the vet if next time he encounter seriously ill animals, try his best to medicate first, do not give up hope easily putting animals to sleep. The vet said he learn his lesson well, thanks to Lucky cat.

I brought the cat home and showered him with tender loving care.

lucky cat

The Lucky Cat

A few months later, I entered a cat food label lucky draw. I won first prize in the Lucky Draw, which is one week stay, all paid holiday trip to Perth, Australia for 2 persons, inclusive of air tickets, hotel stay, meals, guided tours costing about $2,000/-.

I spend $200/- saving Lucky life on medical and hospital bills and Lucky in return made me won $2,000/- from the cat food label lucky draw. Like the saying goes, a good deed deserve another!

Last year a cute photo of Lucky yawning, captioned with words "I'm Bored .....Yawn! ..." won $60/- for a candid, funny photo contest in my neighborhood newsletter. It seems Lucky Cat lived up to his name, giving me good luck!

I am glad to have Lucky in my life. He brought me happiness and he is a good companion. This cat beat against all odds, survived miraculously from near death and is now in good health.

Luckily I never let the vet put him to sleep. Lucky made me realize never to give up hope, that miracles happen and have a stronger faith in God.

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