by Sue
(Orangevale CA)

My husband got a wild kitten from his daughter as a gift. She absolutely loved him and sleeps on him every night. However, you could not touch her much she would run away. For about 7 months the only way we knew we had a cat except at night was that the food was gone and we needed to clean the litter box.

I worked on her and got her to be friendly. However, she has never liked to be picked up. She is now 15 and is more loving than ever. All 15 years she has bitten me many many times, usually when I'm petting her and she is purring. She has always done this to wake me for food. I have been in the hospital twice with IV of antibiotics. Not good! She has never bitten my husband. I think she feels he belongs to her and I am the assistant that cares for her. It's really odd, a cat thing I guess.

She is a tiny cat all of 5 pounds but that biting habit I have never broken her. It has gotten a lot less in her old age but I can't let my guard down. I tried flicking in the nose, spraying with water, pushing her away and yelling. Each time she runs off but always the biting again. Everyone but my husband so I always tell people not to touch her. Many people tell me they would have put her down a long time ago. Oddly enough, she is our baby.

We have 2 other cats that would not ever hurt us yet she continues. She bit me for the first time in over six months today. A real surprise. I really thought she finally stopped. I have had many cats but this one is a biter and I don't really think you can stop them, you can only control them the best you can by identifying when they typically bite and try to avoid it as best as possible.

I get up and feed her right away when she's being all happy, if I wait too long petting her that's when she bites. If she want's to snuggle and get under the covers, I don't let her any more. It's crazy but I still love her.

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by: katy

My cat Storma was a rescued wild cat. She had 4 kittens, 3 I kept and they are 4 years old.

Storma is very affectionate and loves to be stroked and she bites. She frightened my granddaughter with it when they were playing with a toy.
She did it to me and it was only when she is very happy and loving.
It is the equivalent of kissing. She doesn't break the skin, it's like a pinch. I learnt that when she bites it is a token of great affection. I don't call it a bite now I call it a love nip.

I Have Had a Similar Experience
by: Joan

My cat that bit also did not like to be picked up. She was ok if she came to me. She would sit in my lap purring happy as can be but I learned that if |I pet her too long, I was going to get a bite. She was the one who decided when the petting was too long.

When she bit, she never broke the skin. Her bites were more like she was gumming it. That's the only way I can describe it. It was scary anyway.

I loved her to bits and she lived to a ripe old age of 19. I just learned to be careful and do "read her" for those danger times.

It it interesting that your cat has never bitten your husband. Cats are really interesting creatures.

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