Marina’s Kittens.

by Larry (editor)

Ginger Cuteness.

Ginger Cuteness.

Ginger Cuteness.
Four Of The Gang.
Sweet Tabby Kitten.
Snuggle Up.

For some time now I’ve been suggesting to my son that he shares photos of the latest feline arrivals to his household.

Well, like many of us are, he is very busy, so rather than wait any longer I’ll share them myself.

Last year Martin and Suzie his partner adopted a stunningly cute ginger female kitten, they named the little lovely Marina. Now for two people who have been down the road before of not getting a female cat spayed - Marble’s Kittens and ending up with surprise kittens, they should have acted this time.

I’m told it was on the to do list. But it didn’t get done, as often happens with things on to do lists. And Marina got herself very pregnant.

Martin and Suzie knew they would not be able to keep any of the forthcoming litter. They already have four cats, two dogs and a rabbit, as well as two fine kids, quite a busy and crowded house. Fortunately Suzie has many suitable animal loving friends and many of them expressed an interest in adopting from the litter to be.

Maria delivered. One, two, three, four, five of the cutest of cute kittens as can be, (as you can see from the photographs.) Three ginger boys and two dark tabbies.

They were all soon chosen, no shortage of willing adopters. Now you know what I’m going to say here, but I’ve got to say it anyway . . .

It doesn’t always happen like that. Often nobody (suitable) is interested. That’s why there are so many unwanted kittens, strays and ferals. Spaying is always a good idea.

The first time that I saw them was when they were around two weeks old, it was feeding time. Marina was lying there taking it all in her stride, being the perfect mom cat. The second time I visited was shortly before their respective adopters collected the little ones. What a mass of pure energy. Play fighting, scurrying about, hiding, climbing up the back of a chair and poking their little noses into just about everything.

They have all gone to their new homes now and are no doubt very happy there. I asked Martin if he misses them. “No, not a bit” he said, “They were a bunch of terrorists!” I didn’t take that reply too seriously because I know he is soft hearted with animals, I could see his point though, that gang of kitties along with all the other pets, must have meant many a frantic moment.

And little Marina? Yes, she has been to the vet, no more litters of cuteness for her.

Larry (editor)

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Jul 10, 2013
Cute Kittens
by: Kat

Very beautiful kittens. It's wonderful that they found homes so fast.

This reminds me of how we wound up with some of our cats. Opal, and Virgo (was my sister's cat originally as a kitten, before she moved out of home and left her with me) had also been through accidental litters before, and though the kittens were all very beautiful, I know it would have been much easier if they were spayed earlier lol. (Though I love them to pieces now and would never part with them.) With Virgo, between both friends and relatives they adopted 5 out of 8 of her kittens, so I ended up adopting the other 3. With Opal my brother took 2 out of 3 and I kept one (which is currently my youngest at 7 years old :) <3 ).

All of my cats since then, for that reason, I make sure are spayed/neutered between 4 and 6 months old, rather than waiting until after 6 months, as a precaution. However, my sister has gotten a new cat since, that is unfortunately not neutered, and well passed that stage. I keep pushing the issue but no luck so far... hopefully it sinks in soon before there are any more litters.

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