Mittens last climb

by Rick
(Toms River New Jersey)

My daughters had a small feral female cat that wandered in one day during a family barbecue. Although I didn't want a cat it was hard to say no to my two little girls at that time being six and seven.

They took excellent care of that cat. Always grooming her and making sure she was up to date on all her shots and having her spayed. Well the cat, "Mittens", who was small orange tabby became an excellent companion of my daughters and would wait for them to come off of their daily School Bus. She was also very street smart, and an excellent hunter. She usually left the house when I left for work in the Am, and returned as it was getting dark. If the weather was very bad, she wouldn't venture out. Smart Cat! She was leary of dogs, and strangers, and watched for cars.

One day she didn't return. Two days later a neighbor told us that another neighbor near us had a cat stuck stuck in their tree and it had to be taken out by the local animal shelter. Well the story was that she must have slipped, and gotten her hind legs caught just so in the vee of two branches and was head down all night. The neighbor heard a cat crying earlier in the night, but every time he went out and turned his porch light on she remained silent. Like I said, she mistrusted strangers, and that led to her not being helped.

I found it very hard to believe that she got caught in a tree, because she was such a good climber and very agile, but the fellow at the humane society told me that's how he found her. He said she was barely alive when he got her down, and she seemed like she might revive, but when she was being checked by their Vet she died.

The Vet said she probably had a blood clot and that she didn't have use of her back legs when he checked her. Well my daughters were devastated.

They mourned for days for their little mittens.They had that cat about four and a half years. They are now 27 and 26, and still talk about how good their little cat was, and how much they miss her. My oldest daughter still carries a picture of her in her purse. I now have a feral grey and black stripped tabby I found as a starving kitten and she is strictly an inside cat. She always will be. Once is more then enough! Thanks Rick R.

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Sad that happened
by: Anonymous

That's very sad. I never know cats could get caught in a tree like that. I know lots of cats have to be rescued from trees but I thought that was because they refused to come down but could if they wanted to.I am sorry that happened to your cat.


Streetwise cat.
by: Larry (Editor)

Hi Rick,

Thank you very much indeed for sharing your interesting, and somewhat sad, story of Mittens.

Mittens sounds like she was indeed a very streetwise cat. What a shame that she got caught in the branches like that, very upsetting for your daughters.

Very pleased to read that you have another feline companion. Very brave of you to keep taking on ferals, because they do need a lot of patience, and love of course, but you seem to have the dedication.

Larry (Editor)

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