Modern Siamese Cats

Modern Siamese Cats - Designer Cats?

As the Siamese evolved over the years, some fanciers and breeders showed a preference for cats with triangular heads and long slender bodies.

Breeders refined cats with narrow eyes, large ears and wedge shaped heads. This Modern, or Show variety of Siamese proved very popular with show judges, and in the 1950's became the accepted standard.

Some breeders unable to enter the Traditional Siamese, stopped breeding them.

By the 1960's Modern Siamese had all but eclipsed the Traditional, and when the public thought of Siamese cats, it was the Modern variety that sprang to mind.

Happily the Traditional variety is making a healthy comeback, and is proving very popular as a pet, although still not recognized by most cat associations.

The outcome being that today we can enjoy the beauty of two distinct varieties of Siamese cats, the living cat art.

Modern Siamese cats are medium in size, long and slender but muscular. Males are in general larger than females.

The Modern Siamese has a tapered, or wedge shaped, head with a flat skull. Very distinctive slanted blue eyes (not crossed), and large triangular ears. The necks of the Modern Siamese are very long and slender. The variety has long slim legs, back higher than the front, the paws are small and oval shaped.

The tail should be long and thin, tapering to a point, not kinked.

A prominent feature of both Traditional and Modern Siamese cats is the distinctive coat pattern known as colorpoint.

At birth, Siamese kittens are pure white. The breed has a gene that is heat sensitive and the "points" of color develop with time on the cooler parts of the cat's body. These are the face, tail and paws.

Siamese cats generally darken with age as the whole body gets cooler, the coat of the Siamese is short and close lying.

It is not true that Modern Meezers are cold and aloof, and are possessed with a "We are Siamese if you please" personality. Some are but, like all breeds of cat, they are individuals.

Most have affectionate inquisitive personalities, even if the Modern is likely to be more independent than the Traditional.

Some Modern Siamese cats have a very loud "voice", and talk continually. This voice has frequent alterations in pitch and tone, and indeed volume. But by no means all examples of the variety are over noisy.

If, like some humans, you would find a talkative example irritating, then choose your kitten carefully.

The Siamese cats that first arrived in the western world sported only the Seal Point color pattern and this was the only color recognized until the 1930's. Over the years many different color patterns have been added, including...

Chocolate Point, Lilac Point, Blue Point, Caramel Point, and Cinnamon Point. In the United States the Tabby Point, Cream point, Tortie Point and Red Point are known as Colorpoint Shorthair Cats.

Siamese Cat Pictures
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