Moving With Your Cat

With a little planning moving with your cat need not be too harrowing.

Moving to a new home, they say, is one of life's most stressful experiences and generally it is.

If you are moving with your cat then the experience can easily be twice as stressful. Stressful for you and stressful for your cat.

light colored tabby catMoving day may be very stressful for your cat.

But planning the move will make things so much easier for both of you.

Okay, it's moving day.

It's about to happen. After months that seemed like years, the big day has finally arrived and you are excited as heck.

The last thing that you want to be doing just before you are about to set off to your new residence, is to be frantically searching for your missing cat!

Moving With Your Cat – Being Prepared

Long before the moving company arrives, settle your cat in a room that has already been cleared and will not have the hustle and bustle of folks entering and exiting.

It is often suggested to use the bathroom for this purpose.

One snag with this is that on moving day everybody wants to use the bathroom!

If it has to be the bathroom, that is used as your cat's quiet room, then maybe you have an understanding neighbor that will help out by allowing the humans to use their bathroom.

Whichever room you use, put in your cat's favorite toys, cat basket, food and water, litter tray and Cat Carrier.

It is rather important to make sure the windows are closed.

A prominent notice taped to the door warning others not to release the wild tiger, would be a good idea.

Is there someone that can stay in the room with your cat while the house is being cleared? A responsible child perhaps?

Alright, so you have just the one bathroom which is likely to be in use frequently on moving day, and every other room in the house is going to be a hub of activity, what then?

Have you a friend or neighbor that your cat is friendly with?

Will this friend help out by looking after your little pet while you organize the move?

Removal truck all loaded, kids all rounded up, you are all set for the big adventure of moving to your new home.

Now comes the fun part of moving with your cat.

Traveling with a cat can be a nightmare, or it can be a comparatively stress free experience for both you and your kitty with the right preparation. Follow these cat travel tips.

Moving With Your Cat – Arriving At Your New Home

Just like prior to leaving your old home, try and confine your cat to one room, with all her things, where she can get a little acclimatised to her new abode.

If you can, wait until everything is delivered and the removal team have left before you bring your cat in.

Try and have your cat's temporary room prepared in advance, not always possible if you have moved a long distance, or perhaps the former owners only moved out the day before.

Don't try and install whatever furniture belongs in that room, find a space for it elsewhere until your kitty has the run of the house.

You will have plenty to do getting your new home ship shape, but do try and find a few moments, now and then, to slip into the room and make a fuss of her.

When everything is settled, gradually encourage your cat to explore her new home.

She will likely be a little nervous at first, cats find any change stressful, but with your love she will come to accept that your new place is a safe place where she belongs.

Exploring Outside

If your Cat is Allowed Outside, it would be best to wait a few weeks before letting her out to explore.

It's best not to just open the door and watch your pet disappear into the distance. Stay with her.

Important! Make sure that your cat has your new address on her ID tag, or if your kitty is Microchipped update the contact information. In fact it is best to do this just before you move home.

cat sleepingMoving with your cat. Your cat will be happier in a quiet place away from all the hustle and bustle.

Your pet may be a little reluctant to venture out into what is to her a strange place, don't force her. Let her take her time, she may want to stay close to the house at first, and that's a good thing.

On the other hand, she may be so eager to investigate her new surroundings that she bolts out of the door. Try not to allow her too far at first, if you are able confine her to your yard for her first couple of outings.

Remember that more than anything your cat will use her sense of smell to find her way back to her new home.

If she excitedly explores too far on her first couple of outings then she may not be able to find her way back.

Let her scent mark her surroundings bit by bit and she will then be able to smell her way back to you.

Remember also that your pet will want to establish territory, and that existing neighborhood cats will not take too kindly to your cat invading what they consider their territory. This counts even if that territory is your new back yard.

So it is possible that your cat will get into a few disputes and scraps with local cats until she has established her 'patch.'

It's one of the downsides of moving home with your cat.

Given a little time and patience most cats take to their new home without too many problems.

It is possible though that your cat may feel the need mark her new accommodation by Urine Spraying!

With a little planing moving with your cat need not be too daunting, just keep in mind that as stressful as the experience is for you, it can be twice as harrowing for your cat.

A Cat Shock Collar : Wrong for cat training.
A cat shock collar is not the way to discourage a cat from jumping on the counter, or scratching furniture, or other things cats do that displease us. It's not likely to work and just plain wrong.

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