My beautiful Sexy Sadie

by Darlene Remy

Well she is no longer with me but she has always been one of my favorite cats. When we first adopted her you couldn't go near her. She drew blood every time you went near her. Hence the name Sexy Sadie (One of the Charles Manson girls!) After she was fixed she got very sick and worms from the vet. (I no longer bring my animals there)I nursed her back to health and she became the sweetest cat you could ever want.

What love this cat would bring you but she was no longer a cat she felt that she became a person. She sat at the dinner table with us and would eat off of a plate. You couldn't play with her as you would a regular cat because she would get offended. Only petting and food. We had a water bug right under her chair and she waited until my other cat killed it before she would come down off her seat.

I miss her terribly and still see her sometimes from the corner of my eye. Recently, I adopted another cat, not completely black, more of a tortoise shell but she came from a home filled with animals and she wasn't very friendly. My daughter and I changed that and now it seems that possibly my Sadie has come back because my new Lelu has the same personality now but she does play like a cat and drives my other cat Rosemary, who is all white and was very nasty, crazy. But it appears that Lelu has changed Rosemary as well because her temperament has changed and has become very loving and pleasant.

So I do believe my Sadie has come home and made my house a wonderful place again.

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Dec 12, 2007
Nellie came back
by: Dave P

What do you know. My cat came back as well. None of the two cats was black but Angie is just the same a Nellie was. She sits in the same place and hides from the same people. If I dont give her something from my plate she cry just like Nellie did.

Dec 01, 2007
We do miss our cats . . .
by: Larry (Editor)

Hi Darlene,
We do miss our cats when they leave us, but it is good to read that you have found another feline companion that is helping to make your home a wonderful place.

Thanks very much sharing your story.


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