My Black Cat Sooty

My Black Cat Sooty.

My Black Cat Sooty.

Our black cat Sooty lived for 21 years, we got her the year we got married and had good luck for all those years but when we had to have her put down as she became ill, three weeks later I was made redundant from my job and have not had muck luck at all since and I am still looking for work now.

I want another cat after two years but my husband doesn't want one yet but when we do I am sure if we get another black cat we will have better luck than we are suffering at this time.

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Mar 14, 2013
A cat can bring joy.
by: David Paul

Chin up. It is mighty hard times now for anyone looking for work, all you can do is keep strong and keep trying.

Twenty one years is a good long life for a cat your Sooty must have brought you great joy through those years. Our little Imp is approaching fourteen now and we know he will not be with us for much longer. We shall miss the little black devil tremendously, but we will sure be grateful for all the joy he has given us.

Good fortune is coming to you, take care.

Feb 24, 2013
Magnificent black cat.
by: Larry (editor)


Thank you very much for sharing Sooty's story and photograph with us.

My word, Sooty was a beauty wasn't she, a magnificent black cat, and twenty one years is a grand age to reach.

I'm sorry to read that you have been looking for work for two years, things certainly are tough all round. But press on, persistence really does pay and you never know what is waiting around the corner.

Are black cats lucky? My own view is that black cats are neither lucky or unlucky, just lovely cats. Of course it's a very fortunate thing to have the company and love of a cat, of any color.

I do hope that things turn around for you soon, I'm sure they will.

Thank you again.
Larry (editor)

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