My cat bit me last night.

by Sally

I was bitten by my cat last night, I can tell you it was a shock because she has never bitten me before. She does nip me, not nasty nips but very loving. She lays her head on my hand when I am holding her and I can feel her teeth gently pressing, I can tell that her mouth is open slightly. It is never a bite, not even a proper nip, I like to think of it as a sort of kiss.

Last night she had just finished giving me three nip kisses when I moved my hand slightly and she bit me hard. In the shock I let go of her and I think I cried out. She went scurrying across the room and hid herself under a chair. I think it shocked her too.

This morning she has been very quiet, does not want to come near me, I think she thinks I am angry with her. I am very puzzled as to why this happened, the bite drew blood and is quite red. It has stopped bleeding now.

Is she perhaps unwell? Did I touch a sensitive spot?

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Get medical attention for that bite.
by: Larry (Editor)

Hi Sally,

Thank you for telling us about your cat's 'nip kisses', they sound like her way of showing you affection.

The bite that she gave you last night is a different matter. The suggestions that you make are possible reasons why this happened.

However, much more important than why your cat bit you is that you must get medical attention for that bite.

Your cat drew blood and your hand is reddening. The after effects of being bitten by a cat may look reasonably mild, but all bites from a cat should be treated as serious.

For you own sake, please get your hand looked at by your doctor.

Larry (Editor)

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