my cat changed my life

by Terena

When I was growing up I was not a cat lover. I was always a dog person, friends had cats but not me, I always liked dogs

In my adult life I felt the same owned a jack russel who chased cats and I would reward her with good puppy

The one hot summer night 2.15 am I heard a meowing at the door and got up to investigate. There was a tiny black cat at my door I scooped it up and put IT inside as I live on a busy road.and thought I will deal with that in the morning.

On waking my 7 years old daughter was stroking that cooking fat on the lounge saying thank you mummy I always wanted a kitten my reply was It is not stopping.

I locked it in the bathroom at night with a card board box with sand in as its litter tray.

The following two weeks I tried to rehome the damn cooking fat but both homes were not suitable.

Then Choco as he is now known made himself familiar with us playing hide and seek and being a fun dood as we put it.

With this he won our hearts and we would not be with out him, he sleeps where ever he wants and gets fed the best and we just love him.

Once he went missing and I was out on the road crying and my step daughter said I cannot believe it she hated cats and now look she is bawling( he was only in the shed Mousing.)

So Choco my black cat changed out lives I do not think Black cats are unlucky.

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Jan 09, 2010
Well and truly a cat lover.
by: Larry (Editor)

Hi Terena,


Choco and your new addition will get on well enough I'm sure.

Yes, your cats need you because . . . you are well and truly a cat lover :0)

Larry (Editor)

Jan 08, 2010
by: Terena

Hey Larry I thought I might update you I have another addition to my family a 6 weeks old grey tabby she is beautiful i rescued her from workChoco my other cat is bossed around by her but he puts up with her

Not bad hey for a person that did not like cats I now have two

I have been reading all about the black cat saga

There seems to be different ideas about black cats according to which country you live in ect

I think enjoy your cat they came to you because they need you

Sep 07, 2009
Hooked on cats.
by: Larry (Editor)

Hi Terena,

Thank goodness that your daughter had the good sense to appreciate cats. :0)

Cooking fat indeed.

You see that's how folks get hooked on cats. You have only got to share your life with one for a little while and before you know it you are a cat person.

Choco sounds like a great cat, thanks very much for sharing your story with us.

Larry (Editor)

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